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Leading By Example

I am so blessed to have two amazing sons, three grandsons and an amazing son-in-law, as well as a caring, awesome husband and the best dad whom I care deeply about. As I watch my two boys interact with their friends, girlfriends, family and business associates, I am really proud of the men that they have grown up to be.

When you have children, it’s so important to remember to live by example, as we are creating and shaping productive human beings, and one day you will look back and hopefully be proud of the man or woman you helped, loved and encouraged to be the best version of themself. As a mom, be a leader—lead by example, be a motivator and have the courage to let them win at life, sports or whatever they have a passion for. Teach them self-imaging, what to do to look their best and to find their look and consider how they carry themselves and how they act in their tribe. Teach them to be givers—when you give, you receive. Teach them to honor themselves and their loved ones. Best of all, teach them integrity to do the right thing when no one is looking.

You will also be teaching them to cherish you and that will be the best gift you can give yourself: the gift of an incredible and thoughtful man.

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