Stand Out With Your Style—Be Your Own Beautiful!

Have you ever thought about who has helped to shape your style, your life or made you the way you are today? Who is the person who has made the biggest impact on your life? Maybe on your style, your health or your business. It might have been just someone’s opinion. When you go to pick out something to eat or wear, are you choosing out of habit or is it what you like?

Many of us are pleasers and not always pleasing ourselves. I know in my marriage or with my kids or parents, it’s not always for me to know if I’m pleasing myself or someone else. After doing that for a lifetime, it’s easy to forget who you are and what is pleasing.

How about dressing? Are you dressing for 2022, and for your body and style? When I do someone’s hair, there's a lot to be considered—the texture of their hair, lifestyle, amount of time they have to prepare for their day and what type of work they do.

The pandemic has not been helpful for a lot of people because so many of us stopped dressing. There were a lot of people joking that they would wear the same pajamas or sweats for each room. If you're struggling to find or re-find your style, you might consider the following questions:

·       Are you trendy?

·       Are you flashy?

·       Are you simple?

·       Are you last minute?

·       Are you athletic?

·       Are you dressing to impress?

·       Are you dressing for success?

Whichever one resonates with you, dig a bit deeper. Remember when you look good, you feel good and you do good. Be You-nique!  

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