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Partnering for Financial Growth

Wells Fargo Advisors, Chad Nichols, Financial Advisor, Shares How to Achieve Greater Financial Success with the Help of a Professional

Financially preparing for the future helps provide individuals with a sense of security and stability, allowing them to achieve their long-term goals and live a comfortable lifestyle in retirement. 

Unfortunately, many people go through their younger years not planning for their future. They may struggle with a lack of financial literacy or believe they have plenty of time to save in the future. 

As people get older, they do realize the importance of saving and investing, but they often need help knowing where to start. They may make mistakes such as jumping on the latest trend or missing out on opportunities by hesitating too long.

A financial advisor can help you create an investment plan that aligns with your goals and risk tolerance. We spoke with Chad Nichols, a financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors, to get his insights on the current market and how to make the most of investing. 

How would you describe the current state of the market?

The markets have been very volatile these days, with changes in economic conditions, geopolitical events, supply and demand fluctuations, and interest rates. During times like this, the market can be very uncertain. 

During times of uncertainty, is it still a good idea to invest?

Yes, but investors should carefully evaluate their investment decisions based on their own risk tolerance and financial goals. It is essential to consult with a financial professional or do your research before making any investment decisions.

What advice do you have for current investors?

Don't let circumstances and market volatility influence whether or not you invest. Historically, investors that are consistent and disciplined in their investment strategies do well. I believe there could be potential advantages available by diversifying in the current market.

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Chad Nichols, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors

How a Financial Advisor Can Help You

Save Time

A financial professional can help clients avoid the time-consuming process of researching and selecting investments while streamlining their financial decision-making process. They can also review their clients' portfolios and make adjustments as needed.

Remove Emotion

By providing objective guidance, financial professionals can help clients make factually based investment decisions based on market trends and historical performance rather than reacting to news headlines or emotions.

Stay Focus

Creating a detailed investment plan helps clients understand the steps they need to take to achieve their financial goals. Financial professionals also provide timely performance reports, which help clients stay engaged and focused.

Prevent Mistakes

Common investment mistakes include chasing short-term market trends or failing to diversify their investments. A financial professional will help their client understand the impact of their financial decisions and the various options available to them.