Shay Morgan With Sort Home Design Group Shares Ways For Peaceful Living And Peaceful Giving

Article by Christine Clark

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Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

Shay Morgan, owner of Sort Home Design Group, has a passion for well-organized and decluttered homes, offices, and businesses. Through this passion, she knows her clients will gain peace of mind, reduce stress, and create an environment ready for making decisions and caring for your family. 

Shay’s business is to help her clients organize those hard to handle spaces such as master closets, pantries, children’s playrooms, kitchens, garages, and any place where clutter gathers in your home or office. Shay can design solutions that she and her team install or help inspire you to do your own Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. 

A quick tour of her website allows you to sign up for a personal virtual consultation, where you will go over the vision for your space, discuss what's working and what's not, space measurements, and budget. Once a plan is made and approved, Shay will help with installation but also help design family processes to maintain the new organization.

On the heels of Instagram Reels, TikTok and Pinterest videos, Shay has seen an expansion in the DIY marketplace. People on a tight budget or a great sense of adventure want to tackle their own Pinterest-worthy projects. Earlier this year, Shay launched a new DIY consultation service where she will help you design the project, as well as provide you with a list of the supplies and tools needed for the project.

With the holiday season in full swing, Shay offers some suggestions to help organize your holiday home. To keep from being overwhelmed by holiday decorations, Shay recommends decorating to a theme such as winter wonderland or a color pallet that is bright and cheery. She recommends bringing in natural elements and candles to make the home feel festive without Santas and reindeer tucked in every corner. When putting away your holiday decorations and party supplies, she also recommends packing them by theme or color making it easier to use in the future. 

Shay loves the idea of passing on blessings through donations. So many people in our community are blessed and their homes are full of gently used household items, furniture, pantry items and clothing. Whether Shay is doing a pantry declutter, or you are cleaning the kids’ closets, be mindful of the items your family no longer uses. Shay recommends always keeping a donation bin in the garage. As you are decorating for the season, planning a holiday party, or simply doing the laundry, you can move unused, unwanted, or too small items to the donation bin at that time.

1 | Grace Bridge – Donated food and personal care items are often given to someone in need quickly. Clothes, home goods and other non-food items are used to meet the needs of individuals and families within our community, and the remaining items are sold through resale stores. 

Celina Donation Center: 402 S. Oklahoma Street, Celina
Celina Resale Store: 221 W Pecan Street, Celina Tue-Sat: 11AM-6PM

2 | Neighbors Nourishing Neighbors Food Pantry – Donate pantry staples and personal care items to be distributed on a weekly basis to families in the Celina and Prosper area. 

Donation Center: 474 N. Hays Rd, Ste. E1, Prosper, TX 

3 | Donate 2 Impact  - A locally owned community clothing donation center. Donations are processed through a comprehensive recycling program to provide financial support for local charities. 

Donation Center: 10601 Ohio Dr., Frisco, TX 

4 | Helping Hands of Celina - Their objective is to assist the Celina Independent School District with an on-site Campus Closet and lead the Adoption of a Teacher Program which assists teachers with their classroom expenses. 

Visit HelpingHandsofCelina.com to find a list of local businesses that provide drop offs. 

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