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Past Meets Present

Historic charm meets modern luxury as new builds pop up around Canton’s Historic District.

We admire historical places for the way they allow us to connect with the past and remind us of days gone by. History gives a unique charm and character to each building, home, and street with their architecture and design and the stories they tell us. 

Canton is a community blessed with a rich history touched by many generations. Three families, in particular, have left a legacy through the homes they built that are still enjoyed by our community today. The first is the Grisham-Galt-Magruder House, built in 1841 by William Grisham, one of the city’s founders. The Greek Revival style home is likely Canton’s oldest and has seen over 180 years of history – including General Sherman’s Army making their way through Georgia. 

For the past forty years, the home has been enjoyed by Nell Galt Magruder, the great-great-granddaughter of Mr. Grisham. When asked about the house, Mrs. Magruder explains that each generation has left their mark on the home through various renovations and updates. Originally, the home was a dogtrot house, characterized by a large, open breezeway in the middle of the building, built to take advantage of the breeze during hot, humid Georgia summers. Above all, she reflects on fond memories related to the house – back when it belonged to her grandmother and was a place of comfort, family, and joy.

A few miles outside Canton, sitting on 22 acres and surrounded by historic oak trees, sits The Wheeler House, a nearly 120-year-old home turned wedding venue and event space. Originally built as a private home of the owner of the Wheeler lumber yard, this historic home is the picture of Southern elegance. It has original floors, walls, and ceilings made of the finest heart pine, and of course, a Southern home wouldn’t be complete without the wrap-around porches.

After many years of abandonment and disrepair, The Wheeler House was purchased by local Lee Lusk. What followed was a top-to-bottom renovation that preserved the home's historic integrity while bringing it new life. The owner understood the value that a historic home holds simply by virtue of its longevity and character. Today, The Wheeler House is a destination for brides all over the Southeast who are looking for a touch of Southern charm or a rustic chic vibe with a ceremony at the property’s barn.

In much the same way homes were designed years ago, homes today are designed according to functionality. That functionality looks different thanks to technological advances, family life changes, and more. Luckily, Jennifer Bohrer, a realtor and TV host specializing in luxury homes, shares what the modern home buyer is looking for in their dream house. 

Jennifer says ‘smart’ tech is all the rage with new buyers. Families are looking for smart appliances, thermostats, and home systems in new builds and renovated homes. A focus on sustainability and energy efficiency also stands out to Jennifer. She noticed buyers are interested in energy-efficient windows, solar panels, and electric vehicle charging stations. 

With the increased popularity of working from home, family dynamics have shifted – and so has the need for space. Jennifer shares that more and more buyers are interested in having designated home office space, not a transformable guest room. That need for extra space also applies to children, with many families looking for playrooms and entertainment space for their kids. When the working day is done, Jennifer says people are looking for aesthetic yet functional outdoor spaces to enjoy. Families want to sit around the fire pit on the balmy summer evenings with friends and family. 

Whether you are looking for a historic home or a new build, Canton and the surrounding areas have a wealth of history and progress ready for each of us to explore.

"Each generation has left their mark on the home and Canton."

"Smart-Tech is all the rage with new buyers."

  • Capturing Canton's past and presence.
  • New build with modern elegance by John Humphreys.
  • Functional high quality space.
  • Cozy and open space for all.
  • Galt-Grisham-Magruder Home with all its charm and history of 100 years today.
  • The Wheeler house transformed to be centerpiece of many current celebration.