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Patio drinks at Bellini's For A Summer Afternoon

Fruity Flavors, Summery Style

Article by Andrew Griffin

Photography by Christine Burk

Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

As the sun begins to set on a recent weekday afternoon, the regulars begin to to file into Bellinis, 
At the bar, both Trinity and Keven – two of Bellini’s exceedingly knowledgeable bartenders – are taking drink orders, including orders for their signature Bellini and a classic Old Fashioned.
“All of our bartenders are very well trained,” reassured Trinity. One can just feel the cares of the day melt away when such a statement is made. At least it was for me.
The space in Bellinis is cozy and inviting. One feels welcome the moment they enter. You know you are in Oklahoma City, but you also feel transported into a new place and time. And what better way to wind down the day than with one of the aforementioned Old Fashioneds or Bellinis or, even, a Cosmopolitan.
With an order for an Old Fashioned, led off with a healthy serving of Bulleit Bourbon (two ounces), Trinity crafts his drink with Cherry Luxardo liqueur, two dashes of bitters, orange zest and “stir over a large rock” of ice, naturally. 
But when it comes to the signature cocktail at Bellini’s, it is the Bellini. But that should go without saying. Bellini’s is very proud of their key cocktail with its bewitching ingredients and icy texture.
“Oh, it’s really popular,” Trinity explained. “Along with the Cosmo.”
Your humble correspondent did not try the Cosmopolitan – although I was tempted to do so – the aforementioned Bellini was a treat. The alcohol content was pretty strong, but it just screamed “summer!” 
One other cocktail Trinity noted, that gets ordered as the mercury rises is the Flamingo, a cocktail he seemed to take some pride in.
“It’s a light, floral, fruity one with pineapple rum,” Trinity said as he took an order from some customers further down the bar.
And it is the Bellini’s Bar that is front and center when you enter Bellini’s. It is mirrored, well-stocked and exceedingly inviting. 
But the place to be, if the weather cooperates, is out on Bellini’s patio. 
It is here, where you can sit with friends, enjoy a signature Bellini cocktail and say farewell to another day amidst the wisteria, the pond with the swans and geese and that ever-present and expansive Oklahoma sky.
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