Paving the way to Recovery

A clean and sober place to live where philosophy, structure, and acceptance thrive

Article by Roslyn Bond

Photography by Lesson Medrano

Originally published in Austin Lifestyle

With a little ingenuity and a whole lot of patience, Transitions Sober Living was successfully opened in 2018 by owner, Jake Sieber, who believed, at the core of his being, that in order to teach reverence, you must find the seeds of reverence in each person and help them grow.

Transitions Sober Living is located in the heart of Austin Texas where the recovery community has shown to be considerably prolific. There is no doubt that Austin is a beautiful city with an accepting, relaxed vibe, plenty of outdoor recreation, and a wealth of social, business, and educational opportunities which intrinsically fosters the rehabilitation of Transitions clients. 

At Transitions, clients are meant to feel safe, grounded, and accepted. It is intended for men who are facing substance abuse disorders to embark on a journey to wellness and wholeness. Their ultimate goal is for clients to maintain abstinence, embrace the fulfillment that comes with a life of recovery, and acquire the skills necessary to make effective, long-lasting changes in their lives.

The young entrepreneur was born to two amazing parents in South Louisiana and has an older sister who he shares a close relationship with. He expressed that he wouldn't be the man he is today without their love, support, and guidance throughout all of his trials and tribulations. Jake went on to graduate from the University of Louisiana in 2011 with an engineering degree and worked several odd jobs before discovering his calling. 

Growing up, Jake’s parents owned their own businesses. He remembers watching them fervently work each day to support their family, which consequently led him on a path of his own inherent and unwavering work ethic that he states he will forever be thankful for. 

Through his own personal experience, Jake fought to overcome his grueling battle with addiction himself during his early adult years, and just like so many others, he entered into the vicious cycle of going in and out of substance abuse rehabs with little to no hope; however, he profoundly recalls his final stay at one of them in which he made a commitment to himself, proclaiming that he would not only get sober, but also establish his own sober living home for those struggling with substance abuse as well. 

"Because there is a major need in the substance abuse recovery community, it has created a gap from inpatient treatment to reintegration back into society. I’m here to bridge that gap."

About Transitions

Transitions include 5 bedrooms that are well appointed and furnished. The house has two living areas for gathering, with flat screen televisions and Wi-Fi throughout the house. We provide office and computer space for resident’s use, as well as, a meditation and reading lounge with a library of recovery literature.

Our Staff works with rehab centers, outpatient treatment programs, psychiatrists, and therapists to enhance the success of sobriety. Complete abstinence is vital to recovery, and we conduct regular random substance screenings. Our curfew is also closely monitored. Transitions provides case management for substance abuse and dual diagnosis mental health disorders. 

We believe sobriety is the beginning of a brave, fulfilling, and lifelong adventure. Our program works because we are a caring team dedicated to helping individuals reach their full potential –mind, body, and spirit.

Jake plans to expand and multiply transition sober living homes throughout the country in order to promote the apparent and necessary need for individuals in need of substance abuse treatment and support. He has a goal of creating a community surrounding wholeness and wellness for those who struggle with overcoming addiction. 

"I’m here to help at the end of the day. It doesn't matter what demographic you come from. We are all equal when it comes to overcoming hardships."

He also wanted to recognize his house manager, Jerry, for playing a vital role in the success of Transitions; He expressed that without him, the mission of Transitions would not be able to serve its ongoing purpose.

How to Support Transitions

Clients have the opportunity to receive a scholarship to enter into Transitions Sober Living. This is particularly significant for individuals gravely in need of assistance with transiting to a home directly after inpatient substance abuse treatment in order to continue their journey of living a sober, functional life and eventually reintegrating back into society. Transitions Sober Living is a self-pay, privately owned establishment who invites those in the community that desire to help individuals in need of substance abuse treatment to safely transition into their sober living home. 

Other opportunities of supporting Transitions cause is through giving items such as toiletries for the individuals already living in the home. for more information on how to support Transitions and the recovery community in Austin, visit their website! 




6003 Eureka Dr. Austin, TX 78745

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