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Pawsitively Pampered

This New Mobile Pet Spa Is Ready to Zoom On Over

Article by Lisa Fletcher

Photography by Stephanie Meinberg

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Pampering your fur baby from head to paw just got a whole lot easier with Zoomin Groomin, our area’s newest mobile grooming spa.

Imagine the convenience of a professional pet stylist coming right to your front door, and spending quality one-on-one time taking care of the grooming needs of your dog or cat. No wrestling your pet into the car, dealing with fur all over the seat, or waiting hours for them to be finished!

Owners Matt and Andrea Austria, who opened Zoomin Groomin Northeast Cincinnati in August 2023, knew the community would be a great match for this innovative style of pet pampering. “We saw a market for customers who value convenience and exceptional service for their pets, start to finish,” says Matt.

So why choose a mobile groomer? Matt says the benefits of using a mobile spa over a traditional groomer are endless. The biggest draw—the convenience of having someone come directly to your door without any wait time. The large van—clean and stocked with top-of-the-line eco-friendly products—is a cage-free environment, where your pet receives one-on-one attention from a professional pet stylist. Which means there are no other pets in the van to induce stress or share grooming time—a big plus for many pets and their owners. There’s also no need to tap into or use your water or electricity—the van is completely self-sufficient.

Zoomin Groomin offers three luxury packages—Bath & Blowout, Bath & Tidy Trim, Bath & All-Over Trim—with prices varying depending on each pet’s breed and weight. Every package includes a complimentary hygiene routine, which covers ear cleaning, nail trim, and teeth cleaning.

“Our pets absolutely love the experience,” Matt smiles. “The love and attention our pet stylists show the animals really makes all the difference in ensuring the spa day is a positive and relaxing one.”

And their non-fury clients agree. “I’ve been using Zoomin Groomin for the last few months and love it!” says happy customer Emily. “My dog needs regular grooming, and I always struggled with scheduling appointments and blocking off drop-off/pickup time. As a working mom with two young kids, I love that they reach out to me instead. Then they arrive at my door to work on my dog ... that’s helped so much. Plus, our dog used to get nervous going to the groomer—she doesn’t now! Her cuts are consistent, and she looks great.”

Starting the company seemed like a no-brainer for the married couple. “It was a natural fit for us,” Matt explains. “We love pets, and we love the amount of convenience our mobile spa provides, while maintaining a healthy routine for pets and their families.”

For soon-to-be new mom Andrea, starting a biz with her husband has been a long-term goal that’s finally come to fruition. “It’s always been a dream of mine,” Andrea shares. “I’m so thankful to work closely with my husband while also building relationships within our community and with our employees.”

“The best part about having a family business is working with someone you trust,” she continues. “I love that we can problem-solve and be creative together, and are always there to support one other no matter what.”

Interested in giving your pup the ultimate (and oh-so-convenient) pampering experience? This part is easy, too ... schedule online or just give Matt and Andrea a call! | 513.838.2599

How Do I Use Zoomin Groomin?

1.      Request an appointment, either online or by phone.

2.      You’ll be contacted quickly to discuss your pet’s needs and get scheduled.

3.      On the day of, your pet stylist will text you an estimated arrival time.

4.      Take your pet out for a potty break 30–60 minutes before the appointment.

5.      Upon arriving, the van will park on the street (preferred) or in your driveway.

6.      The stylist will come to the door to greet you and your pet. The spa day will last about 1–2 hours.

7.      Once completed, the stylist will text you to meet back at your door.

8.      You’ll receive a full grooming report with details and before/after photos!

  • Owners Matt and Andrea, photo by Matthew J. Capps

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