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Pay It Forward

In This TIme of Giving, Don't Forget Our Many Nonprofits

'Tis the season for giving. While you're making out your holiday giving list, please don't forget to give to one of your favorite nonprofits. Or, if you prefer, consider one of the four worthy local organizations I've selected and profiled here. Your generosity need not end here. Most nonprofits welcome the help of volunteers as well as infusions of cash and goods throughout the year!

Thunderbird Clubhouse believes in the power of community, work, choice and hope to encourage and empower individuals living with mental illness. Their goal is to engage the community to partner with them to build on the success of members. Their focus is simple but life-changing: focus on the strengths of members and their community over symptoms or illnesses.

But it cannot be done without help. Donations support the Clubhouse and makes it possible for members to engage in this innovative and highly successful model. Learn more and make your much-needed donation at

* * *

Food and Shelter’s mission is simple. They help feed the hungry, wrap arms around the lonely and help them find their way back home. No one can overcome difficult obstacles when they are also hungry and worried about simply having a place to sleep that night.

The services they offer address the most basic human needs: food and shelter. Women, men and children come for these and leave with friends, a support system and acceptance.

Volunteer your time in their food kitchen or help them mark off the most needed items by donating toward their “needs” list. Monetary donations for these items and shelter costs are also greatly needed. Get more information at

* * *

Devoted to the care, rescue and wellbeing of animals in Oklahoma, the primary goal of Second Chance Animal Rescue is saving dogs and cats from euthanasia here throughout the state. This is achieved through animal adoption and enrichment, spaying/neutering practices and community education.

Second Chance saves more than 800 animals yearly. Resources and events are provided in the community to further that mission, including vaccine clinics, volunteer opportunities, speaking engagements and partnerships with other impactful organizations.

Volunteer at the shelter, become a foster parent, provide items from their “needs” list, donate money, adopt or join in on an upcoming fundraiser. For more info, visit

* * *

The Center for Children and Families Inc. serves children and their families that have experienced, or at risk of experiencing, abuse, neglect or other adverse experiences in Cleveland County.

Based on the essential truth that healthy, supportive relationships form the basis of every child’s development and success in life, children and families in the community are given a brighter future daily. Join CCFI in their mission to give all children the relational building blocks they need to grow into happy, healthy adults. Together, we can work toward giving every child in our community the opportunity to achieve his or her full potential.

To get involved, consider attending a tour, making a donation, volunteering your time or attending a yearly fundraiser. Begin at