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Big Bam eBikes is right next to Venice's Legacy Trail

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Pedaling Forward With Ease

Big Bam eBikes is empowering Venice to get off the couch and back on an (electric) bike

Article by Emily Leinfuss

Photography by Stephanie Snow Photography

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

After five years serving Venice's growing e-biking community, Pamela Fiume has emerged as a go-to expert on the phenomenon’s how, what and why. In a recent interview Pamela, who owns the popular Big Bam eBikes with husband Ray, shared her insights as to the benefits, advantages and joy of riding electric.

Firstly, Pamela revealed that her customers are comprised of an older population. While the average age of Venice residents is 68 years old, her clientele is more likely to be around 75.  She then painted a vivid picture of them as individuals with varying athletic abilities. In fact, many of them are seniors who have not exercised in years. 

Pamela further noted that about 85 percent of her women customers are of a smaller stature (an average of 5’). Yet, despite their initial reservations–given that most bicycles are too big for them–they are inspired by seeing others ‘just like them’ finding eBikes that fit, and it helps them decide to give it a try. “Many of my 'Bammers' tell me that eBikes have saved their lives,” she added.

Pamela attributes the success of Big Bam eBikes among this population to its personalized training sessions. She easily spends an hour or more with customers, patiently guiding them through the process of getting back on a bicycle, and then on an eBike safely. Pamela also emphasized that the introduction of eBikes acts as a game-changer, providing necessary assistance for longer rides, windy conditions, or challenging uphill terrains.

Referring to eBikes as "the great equalizers," Pamela highlighted their role in breaking down barriers to cycling, regardless of age or physical ability. She further noted that for those lacking balance, three-wheel eBikes, called e-Trikes, are popular choices.

Pamela also talked about how individuals who are outside a standard height or size can have difficulty finding eBikes that fit: something that Big Bam eBikes specializes in. For shorter, more petite customers, Pamela recommends the E-Lux Malibu GT Mini, as well as Magnum’s Pathfinder and Navigator. Conversely, taller riders gravitate towards models like the E-Lux Tahoe GT, renowned for its large build and sturdy tires, and options from the classic Dutch brand Gazelle. 

In addition to eBikes, Big Bam offers a selection of electric trikes to cater to various needs. Brands like Addmotor and Emojo are popular choices, she said, particularly among those seeking stability and ease of use.

Pamela stressed the importance of finding the right fit for each customer. With years of expertise and thousands of satisfied 'Bammers' she attests that proper fitting significantly enhances the rider's experience, ensuring comfort and safety.

Beyond sales and services, Big Bam eBikes also offers eBike rentals, particularly popular during the peak season from October to April. Situated next to Venice's Legacy Trail, the rental business allows visitors to explore Venice's scenic routes on two (or three) wheels.

In conclusion, Pamela's expertise and dedication to customer care continues to inspire riders of all ages and abilities to embark on new adventures: one pedal at a time.

412 E. Venice Ave, Venice. 941.240.1717.

Proper eBike fitting significantly enhances the rider's experience, ensuring comfort and safety.

  • Pamela and Ray Fiume at the Big Bam eBikes store in Venice.
  • Big Bam eBikes is right next to Venice's Legacy Trail
  • The Legacy Trail is an 18.5 mile recreational thruway from Venice to Sarasota.
  • E-Lux Malibu GT Mini.
  • Magnum Pathfinder Torque.
  • Magnum Navigator.
  • E-Lux Tahoe GT.
  • eBike from Gazelle.
  • Emojo Bison Pro eTrike.
  • Addmotor Step-Thru Electric Trike.

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