“A successful woman is one who never gives up.“

Article by Wendy Sack

Photography by Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Associates

Originally published in Cullman City Lifestyle

In 2004, Pediatric Dental and Orthodontic Associates opened its first location in Birmingham. It has since grown to include six pediatric dental office locations and three orthodontic offices. Dr Danielle Gilbert started Cullman Orthodontics in 2017.  In 2021, Pediatric Dentaland Orthodontic Associates began its partnership with Dr. Danielle Gilbert and Cullman Orthodontics.

This month, we are highlighting our female providers. Drs. Ashley Boyd, Melissa Lopez and Emily Rousso are dentists who treat pediatric dental patients at Pediatric Dental Associates Cullman. Dr. Danielle Gilbert is an orthodontist who treats patients of all ages in need of orthodontic care at Cullman Orthodontics.

Our goal is to be the premier provider and employer in oral health care in a hospitable, compassionate, and high-quality care environment. Our core values are deeply rooted in integrity, development, excellence, accountability, service, and community.

We provide a variety of treatments and services to our patients including cleanings, exams, NuSmile Zirconia Pediatric Crowns, braces, aligners, CBCT, x-rays, jaw surgery and retainers. We encourage our staff to “be the reason someone smiles today” because we understand the value and importance of a positive patient experience. 

That’s easy…our patients! Whether the patient is a child or an adult, it’s very rewarding to see the evolution of their smile during their time under our care. In most cases, by the time patients finish their treatment with us, their confidence is boosted, their smile is wider and brighter, and they aren’t as scared or nervous as they once were to see the dentist or orthodontist. That heart-warming journey is what inspires us daily.

“We encourage young women starting their careers to be courageous, revel in the experiences that build strength of character, have grace under fire, and don’t listen to negativity! Nobody wants to make mistakes or fail, but with every mistake and failure comes a valuable lesson that will help you choose the right direction the next time you are faced with a difficult challenge. A successful woman is one who never gives up.” 

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