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Peek at Our May Plant Picks

Great Ideas for Mom

We “picked” the brains of Donna Dorsey from Goffle Brook Farm & Garden Center to get her recommendations for your spring planting projects.

Hydrangeas – What is not to like about this shrub? It can take partial shade and is drought-tolerant. The newer varieties bloom from mid-June until September. They aren’t deer resistant, so spray them with a repellent.   

Blueberry Bushes- Native to New Jersey, these plants make a great addition to any garden or container. They bloom in May and offer valuable nectar for native bees. Blueberries are usually harvested in June through August; however, after planting, you need to wait a couple of years before they will bear fruit. This superfood is worth the wait!

Herbs – What’s better than going out into the garden and picking fresh herbs for the meal you are preparing? You will find basil, rosemary, tarragon, parsley, oregano, stevia, cilantro, and many others in May. Best of all, they are deer resistant.

Nepeta – Probably one of our favorite perennials; this plant just keeps thriving.  A native species and deer resistant, Nepeta blooms in May or June. If you cut them back, they’ll bloom again later in the summer. The plant resembles lavender but isn’t subject to the drainage issues of lavender. 

Calibrachoa – Also known as Million Bells, these small petunia-type flowers thrive in full-sun or part-shade. They are great for containers or hanging baskets, are deer-resistant, and need no deadheading. What more could you ask for in a plant that blooms non-stop all summer? Hint – Calibrachoa needs to be fed every other week with a water-soluble fertilizer.

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