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Peering into Lapeer 

Trying to eat healthy can be a real challenge when dining out, but we found it easy at the new Alpharetta seafood restaurant, Lapeer. Inspired by the coast, this pretty spot creates an elevated beach feel with contemporary decor, serving fresh seafood.

The menu is carefully curated and staff will quickly accommodate any food allergies at the table. The chef prepares each dish with care,  some requiring several days' attention to achieve the depth of flavors he desires. The butternut squash soup simmers for more than two days, and the hot sauce fermented in-house is a 7-month process.

From the PEI Mussels to the Steelhead Trout atop root veggies, healthier options are easy to spot on the menu. None of the dishes are smothered in sauces so seafood remains the star. Find pork,  hanger steak, and pasta dishes on the menu too.

In addition to an extensive wine menu, Lapeer's bar features 100 varieties of mezcal, the smoky Mexican spirit distilled from the agave plant. 

We had the pleasure of experiencing the butternut squash soup, poured table-side over fresh crab salad. Snapper was served with one of my favorite vegetables, roasted fennel.

And to finish the night, the house-made sorbet - fresh lime and butternut squash sorbet atop crumbled graham crackers. It was tangy and refreshing, key lime pie without the calories. 

12 North Broad Street, Alpharetta