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Sazan and Sweetie

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People + Their Pets

Some of our favorite Austinites furry family members

"Before you get a dog, you can't quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can't imagine living any other way." – Caroline Knapp

In the United States nearly 40 percent of families have at least one dog, and the vast majority of those families consider their dog a son or daughter. We like to pamper our pets, and how could we not when they provide us with such unconditional love. The only problem with pets is that their life spans are shorter than ours – and sometimes it would be nice if they could speak our language so we knew exactly what was on their mind. We caught up with some Austinites to find out what they would ask their pets (dogs, cats - and llamas!). if they could indeed talk.

Karena Dawn & Bobby Gold

Tone It Up co-founder, mental health advocate, NYT Best-selling author of The Big Silence and founder of a non-profit with the sameshares six Pomeranians with entrepreneur husband Bobby Gold.

Pet’s Names: (Pictured) Kiwi, Kodiak, Tiki and Skunk

Breed: Pomeranians

On pet social media accounts:  Skunk had an account, @hiimskunk.  It’s actually still active, but she’s been distant from the gram.  She is quite witty and we hope she has a social media come back, while she still has her bite.

If my dogs could talk, I would ask…Why do you not stop barking? Do you constantly have a sore throat?

My pets love… Squeaky toys and more Squeakies. 

Best thing about being a dog-owner? Unconditional love.

Brad and Ashley Stuver

Austin FC’s indomitable goalie Brad Stuver, Ashley Stuver, a health coach for Found, and their pup Nella came to the city for soccer, but quickly made Austin home.

Pet’s Name: Nella

Breed: Beagle Mix 

On pet’s social media account? Doesn’t have one, Nella likes to keep a low profile 

If my pet could talk, I would you ask? Who do you love the most, and why is it Brad? 

My pet loves…Ice cubes, snuggling with Brad, and her stuffed toy, Lele. 

Sazan & Stevie Hendrix

Dog, Sweetie

Sazan and Stevie Hendrix are hosts of The Good Life podcast, are founders of S+S Goods, content creators and parents to daughters Valentina and Amari and their dog Sweetie – who has many talents, but does not drive.

Pet’s Name: Sweetie 

Breed: Golden Retriever 

If your pet could talk, what would you ask? “Who’s your favorite family member?” 

Sweetie loves: peanut butter, cuddling on the couch and wrestling daddy! 

Jordan and Adrian Grenier

Llamas Rosie and Yoshi

Recently married animal lover Jordan Grenier and actor, activist and entrepreneur Adrian Grenier are filling their farm with a dog, chickens, lots of love – and llamas. Meet two of their new additions.

Breed: Llamas

Does your pet have a social media account? Keep an eye out for them @earthspeed

If your pet could talk, what would you ask? Please Cuddle Me.

My pet loves… To roll around in the dirt 

Christy Carlson Romano

Cat named Jumanji

Christy’s been busy! Christy and husband Brendan Rooney are masterminding projects with their production company and Christy is helming two podcasts -The Vulnerable Podcast and I Hear Voices Podcast. They’re also prepping to move in to a dream house they’ve patiently waited to be built with their two daughters – and cat.

Breed: Bengal Cat

If my cat could talk, I would you ask it…Are you happy? We have two toddlers who love him (a little too much), but if we ever leave town he is miserable. He truly feels like he is a part of the family. 

We’ve had Jumanji…Sine Santa brought him when he was 4 months old for my cat-obsessed daughter Isabella. He’s about 2 now.

My cat loves…Hunting scorpions, scaling our tall wood beams and snagging toddler table scraps  

  • Jordan with Rosie and Yoshi
  • Karena with 4 of 6 of her Pomeranians
  • Sazan and Sweetie
  • Sweetie takes the wheel
  • Brad, Ashley & Nella Stuver
  • Christy Carlson Romano and Jumanji