Perfect Choices For your Wedding

Local experts are here to help you make educated decisions for your big day.

Getting everything pulled together for a wedding can feel like a daunting task. For our Love Local issue, we gathered some local experts who gave us some great advice when it comes to planning your big day! 

Ashley McNabb Artistry 

I always encourage my brides to be themselves but amplified.

Sometimes a bride wants to experiment a different makeup from their usual look on their wedding day because they want to look extra special, my advice is to be yourself! Trust that your makeup artist will bring out your best features!  

A bridal trial is vital! you want to make sure you and your glamsquad are on the same page as on the biggest day of your life. Have realistic, inspiration pictures closely resembling your own skin tones, hair colors, bone structure, eye shapes, hair length, etc. 

It is also important that you research the artist. Make sure your aesthetics match up, Instagram is a great source to view their work. 

The 4 Eleven

Every decision made regarding your wedding plays a part in curating your big day. Your venue is arguably one of the most impactful pieces of this beautiful puzzle. Though this may sound like it could be a stressful decision, if you follow our tips, they will help peacefully guide you to a perfect space that is everything you want for you and your loved ones. 

 When choosing a venue, pick one that fits your wedding style and theme, guest list size, and budget. For example, If you want to serve certain types of food and drink, maybe you and your fiancés favorite cocktail or meal make sure you can use any vendors you’d like. 

Check date availability prior to touring venues. Have a conversation with your fiancé and decide if you’re willing to be flexible with your wedding date, based on venue availability. 

Don’t stress over the little details, your wedding will be wonderful and your guests will have a great time! At the end of the day, you’re married and that’s all that matters! 

Emerald Bridal

Don’t overbook yourself…
As big of an event as this is and as much as you want this moment to last forever, don’t overwhelm yourself by booking 3…4…5 different bridal appointments. Honestly, 2 in a day is max we’d ever recommend for a bride. There is a very fine line between enjoying your wedding dress shopping experience and it becoming that nightmare of a situation where you’ve tried on 200+ dresses and have lost complete sight of your wedding vision. Every bride’s journey is unique and quite honestly should be because no two brides are the same. Your best bet at not getting to that overshopped bride level is doing your research. Connect with the shops by following them on social media, reading their reviews, and stalking their website to really get to know who they are! Figure out why you’d want to be a bride with them and half the battle is already done!

Bride knows best!
Choose your entourage wisely. They will make or break your appointment. This Is an emotionally charged decision and if your entire entourage isn’t on your side, it can turn from a happy memory to something you never want to remember faster than you can say “I want to be an Emerald Bride!!” Less is more when it comes to who you bring with you. The more opinions that get involved, the easier it is to get overwhelmed. And while Aunt Martha might mean well when she tells you she thinks that dress looks like her tablecloth, in reality, it just crushed your dreams of wanting to be this bohemian beauty on your wedding day! Only bring the people you can be your true self around! The ones that you can cry with, laugh with, and most importantly….the ones you feel secure enough with to be like “hey, I love this dress so I need yalls support to love this with me.”

Eat, drink, and BE MARRIED
For the love of all things good, please give yourself a well-rounded meal and hydrate before your wedding dress appointment. We know… it’s tempting to want to look your “skinniest” while trying on dresses. But, believe us when we say trying on dresses should be considered a sport. You sweat, you jump in and out, you squat, and you walk around, it's 100x more physical than you ever expected it to be. Your body needs fuel to be mentally and physically present. It is more harmful to starve yourself in hopes you look your “best” trying on dresses than it is to be slightly bloated and have the mental clarity/ability to know you’re having a bridal moment when it’s happening.

Panther City Jewelers 

Jewelry for your wedding will be some of the most permanent and important pieces for the day. After the last dance has been shared, all the food has been eaten and everyone has gone home, what you will be left with as a reminder of this wonderful day will be your wedding ring. Everyone on that day will want to see it and every day after, you will see it. Your wedding ring will be the one object that is a constant reminder that you have love for another and are yourself loved. 

When purchasing your rings be sure to keep in mind these will be worn every day for the rest of your life, so we tell people to aim for comfort. Comfort in the size of your rings all the way down to what you are wanting to budget for. It’s important to remember your rings are a representation of a lifelong commitment between you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Next, be sure you have a trusted/responsible person to be in charge of your rings when the day comes. With it being a very busy day for the bride and groom having someone entrusted with two of the most important items for the wedding can relieve a bit of stress. 

Last but not least! And this is one we cannot stress enough. Get your rings cleaned and inspected before the wedding!! There will be many pictures taken on that day and many will feature your rings. We suggest getting them cleaned/inspected at least one week or even a few days before. Whether it's a new ring or a family heirloom, a little TLC goes a long way in bringing them to life. After the inspection/cleaning, put them away and don’t wear them until your wedding day. 

Camellia Farm Flora

Wedding flowers present your style to all your friends and family at your wedding.  Flowers are part of the wedding that they see.  They create the aesthetic of the celebration, whether it be romantic, whimsical, casual, or modern.   

Amazing florists book up far in advance.  I recommend booking your florist 12 months pre-wedding. Start by looking at reviews, reviews, reviews!  Not only do you want to read the reviews, but dig deep into this.  Read every single review you can find.  I recommend using only florists with 4.5 stars or higher.  Stalk their work on social media.

Feel comfortable that your florist "gets you" and the vibe for your wedding.  Ask them for photos of their own work in your style and of particular floral pieces you are looking for.  Find a florist that you know will invest their skill into your perfect celebration.   

There are florists and there are floral designers.  If you shop with only price in mind, you may be disappointed.  Seek out those designers that consider themselves artists (like myself).  These designers will be excited about your wedding vision and making the vision come to life!   

Photo Shoot Credits

Model: Riley Redden - Julie Freeman Agency

Wedding Dresses: Emerald Bridal

Jewelry: Panther City Jewelers

Florist: Camellia Farm Flora

Make up and Hair: Ashley McNabb Artistry 

Venue: The 4 Eleven 

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