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Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Philosophy Blends Impeccable Workmanship and Artfully Stressed Fashion

If you are a sneakerhead or hang out on Instagram fashion sites, you are probably familiar with the iconic Golden Goose sneakers. These “kicks” are the brainchild of Venetian designers Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo, who launched their own luxury lace-up line in 2007. The shoes evoke a sporty to glam look with their relaxed lines and pops of sparkles and patterns. The first model, the Super-Star, is still a best seller today due to its classic yet contemporary design.

The shoes retail for $500-$800 a pair but evoke such a passionate following people are willing to pay it. Of course, you can check out re-sale sites such as The RealReal and Poshmark for better deals and past styles, but they don’t last long and aren’t without expense - often running $300 or more.

What makes these shoes so popular? They look scruffy and worn and depending on the style can be pretty basic. Here are a few reasons why the GGDB cult is going strong without signs of waning.

The streetwear shoe is designed to look worn-in but is handcrafted to the high standards of a formal leather shoe. The shoes are not mass produced and every shoe is unique, one of a kind made by hand. Master cobblers use premium smooth Italian leather – not synthetics. That sense of individuality and artisanship is appealing, and you can even work with a Sneaker Maker for greater customization. Plus, these shoes last even when wearing them 24/7 – the quality is second to none.

Golden Goose shoes are comfortable, as well as stylish. Each pair of sneakers is made with a wedge built into the heel which makes the wearer an inch or so taller and offers support. Few have expressed concerns about comfort online since the shoes are “worn in,” but if they do – a popular method to address this is using a blow dryer inside the shoe to warm up the leather. Then wearing the shoes without socks around the house. This molds the shoe to one’s foot for ultimate comfort according to some fashionistas.

 Are Golden Goose shoes for you? That’s your call, but we can assure you – these shoes won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

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