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Perfect Your Palette

Use Colour to Reveal Your Inner Beauty

Article by Laurel Otey

Photography by By Jacqui Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

When we feel confident and happy, it helps us present the best version of ourselves to the world. We show up more fully in our personal and professional lives. Ashleigh Perkins of House of Colour helps her clients express their authentic, beautiful selves using the individual color palette and unique style that sets the foundation for their wardrobe.

House of Colour is a style company that was founded and headquartered in the UK in the 1980s. Their system starts with a color analysis, which compiles the ideal palette to harmonize each client’s unique combination of hair and eye color with their natural skin tone. This service uses color science and precision dyed drapes to determine your best colors, which are grouped into four categories, each named for a season: autumn, winter, spring and summer.

During her own color analysis, Ashleigh realized, “…not only was it fun to find my best colors, but it changed the way I saw myself. I focused less on my flaws and more on what was already beautiful and uniquely me.” This is what inspired her to get started in the business as a Color Consultant. Now she serves women, men, and children of all ages across the greater Metro Richmond region in her Midlothian studio.

Ashleigh loves when her clients come ready to learn and bring the people in their lives that mean the most to them - friends, moms, sisters, spouses - to experience the transformation. The effect of seeing yourself look your best is immediate and creates a positive energy for everyone involved. Understanding your best colors not only creates the appearance of a healthier, more vibrant skin tone, it also makes getting dressed in the morning easier and more fun - even on our busiest and least glamorous days!

In addition to a color analysis, Ashleigh helps her clients discover their individual style by assessing their body architecture and personality. She explains, “We look our best and feel most ourselves when we match our best shapes in clothing with our personal way of making it feel ‘like you.’” Anyone can benefit from a color analysis and styling session with a House of Colour consultant. The way we dress, the accessories we choose, and our color combinations can dramatically affect how we look and feel from the most formal, professional environment to the most casual, social setting. Ashleigh’s clients learn how to utilize their ideal colors and express their style in their clothing, make-up, jewelry, eyeglasses, and other accessories. This helps create a more harmonized, “put together” look, even when relaxing at home with the kids. Ashleigh is most proud that, “House of Colour provides clients with such a positive message, that they don’t need to change themselves but celebrate the beauty they already have… It is a confidence boost that doesn’t require a dramatic life change, just some intention when getting dressed each day.”

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