#PerfectingYourSelfie, Naturally

Pamper your skin while preserving the environment

“You are what you eat.” We have all heard this age-old adage, but did you know this message extends to skincare as well? 

According to esthetician Kelly Wisniewski, owner and operator of Remedy Skin Studio in Berthoud, our overall health is dependent on far more than what we consume. 

“What we put in our body, whether it be via our mouth or our skin, is going to get absorbed in our system,” Kelly says. 

Kelly has independently operated Remedy for four years, but she’s been practicing her craft for 15 years in a wide variety of salons and clinics. She has a mission to promote health and works hard toward #PerfectingYourSelfie (her hashtag on social media).

Take a peek at the list of ingredients on a traditional skincare product. It might shock you. Many products contain unpronounceable chemicals and preservatives, such as parabens and phthalates, common ingredients which, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), have been linked to hormonal and metabolic imbalances. 

Additionally, artificially-derived fragrances “can contain hormone disruptors and are among the top five allergens in the world” according to the Campaign For Safe Cosmetics, a foundation focusing on breast cancer prevention.

Furthermore, any harmful chemicals applied to the face and body will wash down the drain, into the groundwater, and back into our faucets. The Groundwater Foundation, an organization that monitors the health of America’s water systems, finds personal care products to be a top threat: 80% of streams and 95% of groundwater sources are contaminated by pollutants found in sunscreens and body care products.

This seeps into the water that 50% of the U.S. population eventually drinks, as well as impacting fish populations and other wildlife accessing these water sources. The Groundwater Foundation recommends avoiding “unnecessary ingredients, such as scents” and using “ingredients that are more likely to biodegrade harmlessly in the environment”. 

Switching to all-natural skincare might seem daunting, but it’s vital to skin health. “When you go to a more natural product line, it gives your skin a chance to breathe,” states Kelly, “which allows the skin to heal itself without the use of harsh chemicals.”

One line she recommends is Sorella Apothecary, a sister-owned company that boasts ingredients which are “the best of both science and nature” (find these products at Remedy and sorellaapothecary.com). The EWG’s Skin Deep website also offers a searchable database where consumers can find safety ratings for any cosmetic ingredient alongside research-based natural skincare recommendations.

You could also indulge in a botanically-based facial at Remedy, where Kelly will help you #perfectyourselfie. Because all products used are free of harsh ingredients and artificial scents, clients of all ages and stages are welcome. Kelly’s youngest client is eleven, and even pregnant women can indulge in select services without concern. 

Remedy offers a wide variety of tailor-made treatments ranging in length and intricacy. One service highly recommended is the “Not-so-Basic” facial, which includes cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and a nourishing mask. More advanced treatments include the microcurrent facial, which functions as a natural Botox replacement by tightening and toning the facial muscles with exercise.

All appointments include a consultation and personalized regime to follow at home. Out-of-state and online consultations are also available. Remedy is located in the Gateway Natural Medicine Center at 1211 Lake Street, Suite 101 in Berthoud. To book an appointment, visit gatewaynaturalmedicine.com, or call (970)-532-2755.

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