Permanent Jewelry, Indelible Impact

Local Brand Get Lit is Styling Nashville and Empowering Businesswomen in the Process

Jewelry, like most accessories, tends to be thought of as ephemeral. You put pieces on, take them off, switch some out, and wash, rinse, repeat. But you often find in the process of getting dressed and undressed day after day, there’s a piece or two that have a more perennial place in the rotation. 

Perhaps it’s your wedding ring. Or a necklace with your child’s initials. Or a friendship bracelet. Or maybe just a piece that doesn’t signify or commemorate anything significant, but simply looks good on you and therefore, makes you feel good. These pieces are the iconography that expresses your identity and serve as your suit of armor as you navigate the world each day. 

Now imagine if these treasured adornments were ‘permanent.’ This is the trend taking TikTok and the jewelry world by storm. Now for some, the word permanent will likely evoke a feeling of panic. But rest assured, while some level of commitment is involved, it is a painless (and very easily reversible) process. Permanent jewelry is simply the process of welding a bracelet, necklace, or anklet where there would otherwise be a clasp. 

Mount Juliet’s Tara Schatz is the creative mind behind Get Lit, an original Nashville brand that specializes in permanent jewelry. “What started as a hobby of making stamped jewelry with words of affirmation for my friends/family turned into a small business. I added permanent jewelry a little over two years ago. I loved the concept of having a beautiful, reliable piece that you never had to worry about. And that’s exactly what permanent jewelry is. It’s always on, and you’re always ready to go. No extra thought necessary.” 

It certainly makes life a whole lot easier for those who are prone to losing things. But you might still be thinking, despite the convenience factor, why people would opt to make jewelry permanent. Especially those of you who break out in hives at the thought of commitment. 

While she commonly sees customers come to Get Lit for occasions like bachelorette parties or birthdays, Schatz shares that some of the most meaningful pieces have been made to commemorate the passing of a loved one. “One family, in particular, comes to mind. Due to a tragic accident, they lost a baby before it was born. All of the grieving mother’s family and friends got pieces to memorialize the infant. It was a touching, powerful moment to be invited into.” This story demonstrates that for some, permanent jewelry isn’t just about the end product – the process can be meaningful too. It can be a bonding experience, whether it be for the purpose of celebration or catharsis. 

Schatz understands this and provides several different avenues for her customers to create memories by way of permanent jewelry. Get Lit offers private parties, where they will go to the host’s home (or venue of choice). They also have pop-ups in boutiques across middle Tennessee. And lastly, they have 20 locations nationwide and are constantly expanding – in fact, Schatz shares that a new location is coming to Lebanon Square (next to the Capitol Theater) on September 16th. “This store, The Lit Brand, will incorporate our roots of hand-stamped jewelry, permanent jewelry, as well as a few new experiences for the men-custom knife and gun engravings! Oh, and you don’t want to miss our custom hat and vintage jacket bar!”

While a lot can be said about permanent jewelry, and how it’s an exciting and novel trend, it’s not even the most extraordinary thing about Get Lit. Schatz has been a single mom up until this past November. And in her own words, “Being a single mom for nearly 7 years has given me so much strength and so much drive.” That drive has inspired her to turn her passion into not just a business (which would be impressive enough), but an enterprise that empowers other women to own their own stake in the brand. “When women come to me and want to own a branch of Get Lit, most of them have similar stories to mine. The one thing that we take pride in is making sure that our brand partners are taken care of. Regardless of the situation, they are our family!”

Some things are ephemeral. Styles, trends, and perhaps even jewelry. But building a business that lifts other women up the way Schatz has, has had an effect on our community, which can only be described as indelible. 

"I loved the concept of having a beautiful, reliable piece that you never had to worry about. And that’s exactly what permanent jewelry is. It’s always on, and you’re always ready to go."

"Being a single mom for nearly 7 years has given me so much strength and so much drive."

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