Personalized Services for Skin and Hair

A moment of self-care in a time of constant motion

When the holidays and busy schedules are in full swing, some time to pause and treat ourselves well can be the best gift. For The Hamptons MediSpa owner and founder Lisa Cowan, her main priority is always the patient experience - ensuring that they receive the service that is right for them, that they are educated about the service and that they are satisfied with the results.

“I’m very honest with my patients,” said Lisa. “I don’t want to promise something that can’t be delivered. I never want to have an unhappy patient I want to underpromise and overdeliver.“

Lisa likes to develop relationships with her patients over time, building that trust and knowledge that will help her recommend the services and products that will best suit the patient. This aspect of the job is important as many services have things that should be considered before a patient decides to do them. 

“I like to educate the patients,” explained Lisa. “I like to walk them through all aspects of what I’m suggesting and ensure they understand all of it. I’ll explain the side effects and make sure we go over everything.”

The Hamptons MediSpa offers a wide range of non-surgical procedures for skin and hair, including laser treatments, microdermabrasion and the ever-popular Botox. The spa has many options for managing typical skin concerns such as spider veins and age spots. Described as “the destination for face and body rejuvenation in Southampton,” the spa’s procedures can help people put their best face forward, making them look more youthful and with their natural features enhanced.

At the medical spa, all procedures are performed by medical professionals to ensure the greatest safety for patients. Lisa herself is a trained registered nurse with more than 25 years of experience. Before opening her own business, Lisa worked with local plastic surgeon Dr. William Truswell until his retirement in 2021

Lisa is very cautious with the products and services she provides, ensuring that each one does what it is supposed to do before she recommends them to anyone.

“I offer products that I know work,” said Lisa. “I do services that I believe people will see benefit from.”

To stay on top of new products and services, Lisa attends conferences and seminars regularly. Oftentimes, she goes with her husband Christopher, a nurse practitioner who also works at the spa. He currently works mostly with the hair restoration services, a relatively new addition to the spa’s offerings and one that Lisa said they approached cautiously to make sure it worked as expected. 

“I like to test it out myself to make sure it works, and it does work very nicely,” said Lisa.

For Lisa, the ultimate goal is to build the confidence of her patients by improving how they look and feel using tried and true cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, such as Keralase treatments, micro-needling with radio frequency and AHA peels and glycolic treatments. She also recommends the skin care products of PCA and Elta MD, but emphasizes that it’s really about finding what works best for individuals’ skin, especially in the dry, winter months.

“Use something your skin is going to respond to,” said Lisa. “When you find something that works for you, stick with it, but remember that it might need to be updated as skin changes.”

The Hamptons MediSpa is located at 15 College Highway in Southampton. For more information or to book a free consultation, visit www.thehamptonsmedispa.com or call 413-587-0600.

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