Perspire Sauna Studio

Bringing light to the community is no sweat.

Jenny and Josh Feliciano dreamed of owning a business that would positively impact their community. The Perspire Sauna Studio franchise checked all the boxes for them, and they opened the 42nd Perspire location right here in Bergen County. Perspire Wyckoff, opened in August, is the franchise’s first location in the northeast. The Feliciano family has plans to open five more in Bergen County in the coming years.

Josh, originally from Brooklyn, and Jenny, a Ramsey native and Holy Angels graduate, have assembled an amazing team where, according to Jenny, “Everything feels right.” When choosing their first location, Wyckoff was a natural decision; it's where the family resides, and are raising their three children: Teddy, age 10, Rose, age 9, and Max, age 7. “They love being a part of things,” Jenny said. In fact, your clean towel just may have been folded by Rose. 

Their oldest son, Teddy, who is autistic and attends the Forum School in Waldwick, has inspired the family’s eagerness to eventually hire special needs adults. Prior to signing with Perspire, they made sure this would be a possibility. “Ultimately, as we grow, we’ll have more opportunities to employ special needs adults,” Jenny stated.

Clean, bright and inviting, the Wyckoff studio has eight private rooms, each containing its own spacious infrared sauna with a high-intensity red light therapy bar and chromotherapy mood lighting. The rooms are equipped with televisions so you can stream, play music, or meditate during your 40 minute session while you sweat out toxins in temperatures ranging from 115 to 170 degrees. Jenny describes the Perspire experience as “concierge” and “customizable.” Members’ preferences, including temperature, light color, and entertainment, are saved in their system. 

Medical-grade red light therapy is optional, but included in your session. Jenny explains that red light’s benefits for humans were discovered by NASA scientists researching plant growth in space. While conducting the research, the scientists’ hands were healing, and it was determined that red light also supports the human body’s ability to repair and regenerate, rejuvenating skin, boosting collagen and elastin, supporting hormone balance, reducing inflammation, easing chronic pain, and aiding in muscle recovery. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder affects thousands of people at this time of year, and red light therapy can help to combat it. Jenny explains that there are no UV rays; it’s “the good stuff from the sun that your body and brain need for your mental health.” 

Chromotherapy, or light therapy, is also included in your sauna session at Perspire. Chromotherapy interacts with your nervous system, and can improve sleep, alleviate anxiety, or even inspire creativity depending on how you use it. Visible colored wavelengths of the light spectrum support the body and mind. 

Saunaing is also shown to increase your endorphins and melatonin and lower your cortisol.

Jenny, who raves about the many benefits of saunaing she’s experienced herself, including a “deeper, more restorative sleep,” says that Covid really changed their thinking; she and Josh wanted to help people live better lives. A quick chat with their loyal clients shows that the couple is accomplishing their goal of making a difference. From muscle recovery and significant weight loss to reduced arthritis and Lyme’s pain to vanishing eczema rashes, the testimonies speak for themselves. 

Janet M., a chronic neurological Lyme Disease patient, cut her meds by ¼ thanks to saunaing regularly. “I frankly didn’t think I’d see the results I saw. You have no idea how nice it is to be comfortable.” 

Intractable nummular eczema has kept Kelly S. from living her life fully for years. After endless treatments, medications, and injections, she was frustrated and feeling hopeless due to the inconvenience, side effects and cost. “I have no words other than it’s changed my life,” Kelly explains. Once an itchy, angry rash that covered her skin, her eczema is now reduced to one tiny, dime-sized spot by her ankle, which she credits to her daily sessions at Perspire. She noticed a difference within the first two weeks of going. For the first time, she’s shopping for shorter Christmas dresses. 

Katy R. reports, “Perspire has completely changed my life! Since I started coming daily two months ago, I have seen remarkable changes in a lot of aspects of my life. My physical and emotional well-being is flourishing. Most notably, weight loss has been a huge benefit. Perspire has kickstarted and played a huge role in a healthy weight loss journey for me and I’ve lost over 35 pounds.”

In a world saturated with busyness, Perspire Sauna Studio encourages taking a 40-minute break to prioritize your health. With a high rate of returning customers, it’s clear that Jenny and Josh’s mission is something Wyckoff residents are loving!

For more information, visit, and follow Perspire’s Wyckoff location on Instagram (@perspirewyckoff) and Facebook.

In a world saturated with busyness, Perspire Sauna Studio encourages taking a 40-minute break to prioritize your health.

I have no words other than it’s changed my life.

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