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Alpharetta welcomes animal advocates

For the past 24 years, the Animal Protection And Wellness (APAW) Expo has successfully united a cross-section of animal law professionals and animal welfare advocates to teach the importance of their roles in protecting animals as well as humans.

Last month, APAW partnered with Georgia Veterinarian Medical Association’s (G.V.M.A.) VetSouth and the Georgia Animal Control Association (G.A.C.A.) and met at The Hotel at Avalon. There was a host of amazing speakers and courses including  Lt. Governor Burt Jones, Senator Kay Kirkpatrick and Tyler Harper at a round table on companion animals and Victoria Stilwell's expert advice on "The Overwhelmed Dog - Helping Dogs Cope with a Confusing World."

Alpharetta played host for networking with lawmakers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, animal welfare organizations, veterinarians, and vet techs. Animal shelter and rescue/foster professionals, violence interceptors, domestic violence, and child advocates met during the conference at Avalon. Dialogue among dog trainers, animal behaviorists, emergency management and regulatory agency inspectors was highlighted.  

Also, in September, the Fulton County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed an animal ordinance that prohibits the sale of dogs, cats, and domestic rabbits in transient, outdoor locations (such as parking lots and roadsides) in unincorporated Fulton and encouraged municipalities within the county to pass the same ordinance. This is a step in the right direction for all our four-legged friends.

Alpharetta area shelters are all full to the brim. To volunteer, donate or find out more about adopting or fostering, connect with these fine local shelters.




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