Meet Sunny!

Our Pet Contest Winner Lives Up to Her Name

Sunny is an 8-year-old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who lives in Basking Ridge with her family: Dana and Tom Fischer and their adult children, Taylor and Luke. 

When the family saw her puppy pictures online, it was love at first sight. “We reached out and learned that she had already gone to a home with two small children. We were disappointed but continued our search,” says Taylor. “We got a call a few days later and learned that she had been returned—and that she was ours if we wanted her. We knew it was a sign because our Grandad’s nickname was Sunny.” 

The Fischer family describes Sunny as sweet and full of energy. She loves to take car rides, play frisbee with her family and go on walks. The family’s favorite memory with Sunny—or “Sun” as they call her—was when they all went swimming for the first time. Sunny was having so much fun swimming that she wouldn’t get out of the pool. 

Sunny is also very smart. She has learned how to unlatch gates and sneak out of her room at night! As a purebred Australian Shepherd, Sunny needs to go on long walks and have a lot of space to run around to expend her energy. She also has one blue eye and one brown eye, which is a trait that some Blue Merle Australian Shepherds have. 

Sunny’s family considers themselves lucky to have her, and they are so happy that she came to live with them as her forever home. 

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