Pet Evolution

Quality Pet Food, Supplies and Grooming Come to Eden Prairie

Does your dog or cat like food – or toys? Is your dog’s coat making no secret of the fact that it needs expeditious cleaning or grooming? Does it sound like the cast of Riverdance is walking through your house whenever your dog crosses a hard floor? The best way to take care of all your fuzzy pal’s day-to-day needs has finally come to Eden Prairie. Pet Evolution is now open for business!

“I became a dog lover, biology student, nutrition enthusiast and entrepreneur in that order,” said David Deniston, owner of Pet Evolution. “That’s why opening this franchise felt like such a natural choice. Building relationships with people while helping their pets live longer, happier lives has already proven itself to be the most rewarding calling I could have answered.

“Pet Evolution’s extensive selection of high-quality foods, treats and supplements is what first caught my attention. After studying up on pet nutrition, I realized just how dramatically these brands can improve dogs’ and cats’ lives, giving them silkier coats, healthier skin, more playful energy, and even a lower risk of cancer. 

“We offer three categories of food: Select, which is free of corn, wheat, soy, by-products, and artificial sweeteners and colors; Classic, which has all the benefits of Select plus higher protein content; and Signature, which includes premium raw and freeze-dried meats – the healthiest option for most dogs and cats. And of course we have all the treats that pets deserve for being on their best behavior (or just for being cute).

“Premium foods only appear to cost more. In reality they provide better value, and not just because they can help prevent medical issues. Standard foods typically contain a significant amount of filler. That tricks you into thinking you’re buying more food, when in fact your pet will receive zero sustenance from the added volume. You’ll be surprised by how little nutritionally dense food your pet actually needs, as well as how long a single bag can last them.”

David and his team are bona fide pet food gurus. If you’re uncertain which type of food would ideally suit a hyperkinetic puppy or an elderly, dignified tabby, they’ll help you choose the very best. They’ll also explain how you can transition your pet to their new food without upsetting their sensitive stomach.

But David is not just a nutrition buff. Having shared his home with a German shepherd and a Siberian husky in the past, he is all too familiar with the perils of overgrown fluff.

“The Groom Room is what really sealed the deal when it came to opening a Pet Evolution franchise,” said David. “With our seven full-time professional groomers and two full-time bathing specialists, we offer more immediate availability than any of our competitors. We invested heavily into building a great team before our grand opening last June, and it was well worth it. Their pride, professionalism, positive attitude and passion for animals all shine through in every beautiful coat they’ve coiffed.”

Washing your dog outside doesn’t make sense for half of the year, unless you want to end up with a pupsicle. And even if your dog’s patience and passivity were both supercanine, you still wouldn’t want to kneel over your bathtub while making a hairy, sudsy mess. Fortunately, the best way to wash a pooch awaits at Pet Evolution.

“We have five full-size self-wash stations, each able to comfortably accommodate the largest breed – or, once it is outfitted with a special insert, the smallest puppy,” said David. “The spacious, elevated tubs make it easy to spray, lather and rinse every nook and cranny of your dog without straining your back. The water is maintained at a safe, comfortable temperature. The nozzle gives you complete control over water pressure. The high-velocity commercial air dryer keeps wet dog fur away from your car’s upholstery. We also provide smocks, unlimited shampoo, and unlimited towels. Bring in the world’s biggest, funkiest St. Bernard – we’ll be ready for both of you.

“Our mobile nail trim van brings the convenience of Pet Evolution right to your doorstep. Call from any home in Eden Prairie and we’ll be right there to provide any care that doesn’t require water: nail trimming, nail grinding, ear cleaning, teeth brushing and gland expression. Our van also lets us showcase our great service at parks, apartment buildings, charity fundraisers and craft breweries throughout the southwest metro. We go wherever the dogs are!”

Want to get even better value from Pet Evolution? Join their Good Life Membership program, which can include 10 percent off retail and grooming, one, two or unlimited self-serve washes, and up to two treats or toys every month. One membership covers an entire household: up to four pets! Visit to learn more, or visit 8248 Commonwealth Drive in Eden Prairie to discover your new partner in pet care in person.

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