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Why Pet Care Matters

Article by Dr. Jessa Kocher

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Originally published in Colorado Springs Lifestyle

Wellness care is a key component to ensuring long, healthy lives for dogs and cats. Each pet is so different (genetically and from a lifestyle standpoint). That's why partnering with your veterinarian to develop the best wellness care plan for your specific pet is so important. 

Many people think of wellness care as keeping your pets up-to-date on crucial vaccinations (although that is important!). It is so much more than that. Bringing your pet into the veterinarian for their annual examination and wellness bloodwork allows the veterinarian to detect diseases and other conditions that could put be putting your pet’s health at risk. 

Animals are adept at hiding symptoms of illness. Oftentimes, without good wellness care, we are not catching sickness until your pet is critically ill and presenting to the emergency clinic.  Keeping your pet on a regular wellness care schedule can actually reduce the chances of your pet becoming critically ill and help your pet (and you!) avoid emergency care with high-cost, life-saving treatments. 

Your pet's wellness visit at your veterinarian should touch on many things – a tip-of-the-nose to tip-of-the-tail examination, updating your pet on vaccinations that suit their lifestyle, wellness bloodwork, a body condition and weight consult, a dental disease plan, a behavior consult, testing for intestinal parasites and heartworm and discussing appropriate parasite prevention.

For me, becoming a veterinarian was a lifelong goal and partnering with my clients to help their furry family members live long and healthy lives is my “why.”  Being a vet is about being a people person.  Obviously, I love animals, but clients are my constant source of inspiration, laughter, satisfaction and occasionally, tears. Being able to work alongside them throughout their pet’s life is truly a gift.

~Dr. Jessa Kocher, DVM and owner at Fox Run Veterinary Hospital

Facebook + Instagram: @foxrunveterinaryhospital 

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