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Architect Peter Cadoux's Home Trends

To kick off a new decade we thought it’d be fun to cover some fabulous new home trends. So I reached out to Peter Cadoux of Peter Cadoux Architects who, after 30 years in the dream house business, knows pretty much everything about super-cool homes.

Peter’s operative words for the 2020’s is “sanctuary” and “therapy.” People want a house in which they can work, relax, exercise, and save the planet with the ease afforded by smart technology.

If, after reading this list (and it’s only a partial list, there are many other trends), you look around your own home and wonder why it doesn’t work a little harder to be more like one of Peter’s, don’t fret: some of these trends can be incorporated into your home with minimal effort. Others, not so much.

1. His & Her Offices: Home offices are no longer the brown leather-chaired man-rooms of yore. Now both spouses enjoy having their own personal space, to decorate and use accordingly.

2. Indoor Therapy Pool: If your home isn’t large enough for an indoor pool (and, given the trend of smaller houses, it probably isn’t), you can get the same work-out in a therapy pool. Water jets at the end provide stronger resistance so you can swim “like a stationary bike.”

3. Contemplation Rooms: Fenestrated (architect-speak for windows) corner rooms at yard-level create a soothing respite for thoughtfulness.

4. Water Filtration System: The same systems you see at the gyms, made more attractive for the home: fill up your water bottle with clean, fresh water and watch the ticker flash how many plastic bottles you’ve avoided throwing into a landfill.

5. Home Gym: In-wall fitness systems have as many, if not more, features as a larger gym but take up less space.

6. First Floor Owner’s Suite: With all the monitors and cameras readily available there’s no need to be physically present to keep watch over the kids. Plus, you can throw in French doors for a scenic view of your landscaping and for convenient flight from family when necessary. According to Peter, “The only casualty now is you’re closer to the kitchen.”

7. Hidden Room: Speaking of fleeing, adult hiding spots are increasingly popular. Secret rooms with secret doors, such as a bookcase, are being tucked into homes. They’re like escape pods, so you can leave your home without actually leaving your home.

8. Yoga Studios: A room for yoga.

9. Meditation Rooms: A room for meditating. Similar to the yoga room but more cerebral.

10. Heating and cooling systems with “unbelievable” filtrations systems, controllable through an iPhone, provide cleaner air.

11. Infrared Heaters: Installed on the porch ceiling, these heaters can extend your outside time well into the fall.

12. Elevators: Houses on smaller properties, especially near the water, maximize space by building up. A two-story home with a finished basement and attic becomes a four-story, and climbing from floor one to floor four becomes a nightmare. Elevators are key for transporting people, laundry, and other items through the home. Further, Peter explains, “It opens your market share because all types of people can live there.”

13. Trash Rooms: A by-product of internet shopping is piles of cardboard boxes. Stash these in a separate room for trash and recycling that collectors can access from an outside door.

14. Outside-In: Patios, seamless windows, and rooftop decks allow better communion with the outdoor environment.

15. Automatic Doggy Door: Instead of the flippy-floppy flaps that allow all manner of creepy wildlife to breeze into the home, automatic doors open only for pets wearing a sensor on their collar. They’re inexpensive, the learning curve for Fido and Tigger is minimal, and they’ll no longer have to claw the paint off the front door to get inside.

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