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Improving the Comfort of Your Outdoor Oasis

Article by Tony Firestine

Photography by Amanda Proudfit & Mike Friehauf (Illustrations)

Originally published in Boulder Lifestyle

After a bitterly cold winter along the Front Range, we are all ready to spend some time outside and reclaim our backyards again. The idea of enhancing your outdoor living space is always appealing, and having welcoming shade on demand is certainly refreshing, especially when you’re a mile closer to the sun in Colorado’s mountainous terrain and desert climate.

Peterson Canvas & Awning has been serving the community since 1957 and is the most established awning company in Colorado’s Front Range and beyond, servicing Colorado and part of Wyoming. Owner Natalia Crofut acquired the company in March of 2022. With an extensive background and history in construction and manufacturing, Natalia was aware of the potential to build on a business with deep roots in the community based on the history of their exceptional reputation. She still works directly with the previous owners in sales and promotion to continue to bridge the company’s long-standing history.

After connecting with Natalia to learn more about Peterson Canvas & Awning’s mission, she shared what’s behind the rave customer reviews and what sets their business apart from their counterparts.

Peterson Canvas & Awning’s team takes pride in their ability to improve their customer’s quality of life by helping them extend the comfortable and inviting details that they’ve nestled inside their homes to an enjoyable outdoor living space. Peterson’s owner, Natalia, references the teamwork and cooperative effort that everyone brings to the table and their strong focus on individualized customer service.

“The company is dedicated to continuing this legacy of excellence through the collective efforts of its team,” she says. The number of stellar reviews that they’ve amassed online over the years speaks to their strong focus on customer satisfaction, and the 65 years they’ve been in business is a testament to their longevity and ability to grow with their customer.

Installing high-quality awnings and solar shades not only protects outdoor spaces from the elements but can also significantly reduce air-conditioning energy costs in the summer, which is better for both the homeowner and the environment. Interior upholstery and hardwood floors can also last longer and have less risk of fading or bleaching from UV rays when the outdoor exposure is protected by awnings or shades. You’re also able to provide your backyard space with some privacy and solitude with the addition of a patio awning and you can create your own mini paradise with some finishing touches of décor, lighting and foliage. Building a pleasant outdoor living space to match the comfort of your home’s interior also allows you and your family to connect with the marvels of local wildlife and nature.

When installing an awning, you’ll want to consider different options for color and material to meet your specific needs. Peterson Awning & Canvas has a wide range of quality selections from trusted and vetted brands they’ve been using for decades, like Sunair, Eclipse and Americana. Stationary vs. retractable is also something to consider if you want to have the option of sun or shade depending on the weather and your mood. Automatic sensors for wind and other elements are also a great option to automatically retract your awning and protect it from damage when you are away from home or just caught up in entertaining your friends and family in your new backyard oasis.

Peterson Awning & Canvas’s skilled team and their impressive history of impeccable service to their local community make them an outstanding choice for the homeowner who wants to increase their home’s value and improve their quality of life by enhancing their livable outdoor space.

Eclipse Awnings and Solar Screens:

-Glare reduction up to 94%

-Sun UV protection up to 98%

-Reduce heat gain by more than 77%

-Lower indoor summer temperatures up to 15 degrees

-Reduce energy costs up to 25%

-10 year warranty on fading

-Water resistant for light or steady rains during backyard gatherings

-Shelter from wind, rain and insects with patio solar shades for outdoor gatherings

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