Pets and Their People

Rosie is a 2-year old Bordoodle (Border Collie and Poodle) office dog at Office Evolution Roswell who loves to greet people at the door with a sweet demeanor. She enjoys laying on the front desk to see everything going on. She is very good at asking for belly rubs. Many people refer to her as an emotional support dog or a human in dog clothes. Members of Office Evolution bring their kids in on a regular basis to play with her. One day, Rosie was not at the office and a member’s kid asked where she was. The answer was, “Rosie is on vacation.”  So, he asked his mom, “Where does Rosie go on vacations?” At home, she is very funny. She puts her paw in the water bowl and taps when she is thirsty. When hungry, she drops her bowl at my feet! She is always ready to play ball or snuggle. She acts like a cat by sleeping around the back of my pillow and laying on the desk at the office. Jackie Blyth-Gottlieb

Frannie Cutie Puppy is an 8-year-old female tabby with the most beautiful green eyes. She was adopted as a foster kitty and then let loose by her owner. She arrived in our neighborhood as a stray and eventually found our home, where my children fell in love with her. We adopted her 5 years ago and have been smitten ever since. We like to call her a cat-dog because she is the sweetest most loving cat we have ever met. She loves to be warm, held by her humans for as long as they'll have her, and will spend hours trying to capture any gecko that is on the opposite side of any glass window. She has yet to be successful. The Naranjo Family - Bryan, Linda, Claire and Asher

Sgt. Bojangles is a 10-year-old American pitbull. This is Sarge’s first trip to the beach. He didn’t like the waves, but was perfectly content sitting under the umbrella with his shades on, looking cool! Shannon and Burt Wright.

"Llamas are never late to meetings,” says Laura Jesseph, director of strategy at Love GOGA in Milton, Ga. She proudly considers Lenny a valued colleague. He brings more to the table than his fluffy appearance. He contributes joy and laughter, boosts morale, and fosters camaraderie in the workplace, a.k.a. at the farm. Laura Jesseph

Easton and Weston love chilling at St. George Island. Lila Moriarity

We started kayaking with Dory, but she didn’t really love it. Once I started paddle boarding, she changed her tune. Now when I ask her if she wants to go on the boat, she runs out to the yard (after I chase her to put on her life vest) and steps onto the paddle board, many times even before I can get on it! Natalie Raven

Our wirehaired vizsla (Mozart, 8) was named after Mozart, because we were engaged in Vienna, Austria. She is our first dog as a couple and has brought us so much joy with her funny beard and loving personality. Our German shorthaired pointer (Louis Armstrong, 5), was named after Louis himself, because we were married in New Orleans, LA. He keeps our older dog young with his playful nature. Jonathan & Veronica Burman  

Please meet my beautiful miniature American Eskimo, Bella Luna. She enjoys chasing squirrels. She will literally chase them up a tree and then balance on her back two legs like a bear. She is extremely agile. Her breed was traditionally trained to walk the tight wire in the circus. She enjoys barking, eating, playing with her toys and she loves her momma. She seeks me out and sits next to me every time I meditate. She has been a wonderful unofficial support animal since I've been widowed. Mindy Rokosz

Linus, Snoopy & Gecko are 4-year old potbelly pigs. We had Gracie pig, who is our charity mascot and logo, but she passed away, so we ended up getting three new pigs! We raised Linus (the one with the black polka dots) in our house the first year. He literally thinks he's a dog and will run to you when you say his name. After a year, Peter made me put him out to the pasture to be a normal pig. Peter, Holly & Tucker Ranney

In August of 2022, Diane Geyer was running with her dog Lucky (namesake to Lucky’s Burgers & Brew, owned by Diane & Ernie Geyer) when an unusual event occurred. Diane saw a litter of five kittens that had been left with food and water on the back porch of the Atlanta Street Baptist Church. Diane was immediately concerned for their welfare. She posted photos of the kittens on Facebook, and by the end of the day, every kitten had a loving home. I lost my precious calico cat named Coco in March 2022 and had been looking for a calico. When I saw that there were two calicos in Diane's photos on Facebook, my heart sang. I immediately reached out to her. Sadly, all the kittens were taken. I grieved until later that day when Diane texted me to say that a calico was available if I was still interested. I asked what happened and she replied, “It’s a God thing.” Within an hour this precious calico kitten with a black eye mask was mine. I named her Zorra, after Zorro, the black masked superhero. Diane is her Godmother! Friends and visitors all know Zorra. She is a beautiful, loving and very social cat. Sandy Buhler

Mellie is an 8-year old English bulldog. We adopted her six years ago after a quick foster failure through Georgia English Bulldog Rescue, which is an absolutely incredible organization. Mellie had a very difficult start in life and was terrified of everything when we met her, but she has become the most amazing best friend. A few months ago, we found out that she had cancer. Now she's a tripaw and doing marvelously! If you see her cruising around Roswell in her wagon, be sure to say hi! Cat Plant 

This is Miss Mabel. She’s an 8-month-old German shorthaired pointer rescue that we adopted from Orphan Annie Rescue when she was just 3 months old. She’s full of energy and loves the Woodstock Road dog park in Roswell. Mabel also loves splashing in the creek at Waller Park and taking long, crazy walks at Roswell Area Park, stopping to watch the soccer games! We took this happy picture when she was playing at the Woodstock Road dog park. Lisa Conn

Gus is an 8-year-old mini-goldendoodle. He can shake, roll over, and knows the sound of a cheese wrapper! Katie, Gus, Audrey, Ben and Tony Giordano 

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