Pets at Home

Our bond with our furry friends brings us much joy.  But did you know that along with joy, many health benefits come with having a dog?   A report by Harvard Medical Students called Get Healthy, Get a Dog points out these benefits and what we can do in return for our canine besties.  Here are a few pointers for a two-way street to happiness as a dog owner.

People with dogs are found to be fitter and have fewer chronic conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  Adhering to a workout or play-in-the-park program sometimes becomes an excuse for caring for the dog and making them happy, with the not-so-hidden side effect being a healthier owner. 

In return for their obedience and undying love, we can commit to walking our furry friends even during cold, hot, or rainy days.  Pet boutiques and stores carry dog booties in many styles for your dog's feet when the pavement gets too hot or cold.  Choose your favorite pattern for even more fun conversations at your local park. 

Having a dog in your home has the emotional benefits of companionship and purpose, structure and self-care, bonding and socialization, and stress relief.   Whether you live with a family, a roommate, or by yourself, studies have shown lower stress levels, less depression, less anxiety, and less isolation because of the canine-human bond.  

A case in point is when a walk in the park or even just lying together on a blanket becomes a social event when people come to pet your dog or want to have a conversation with you about the dog. This stimulates the dog and you as the owner, releasing endorphins and oxytocin, two feel-good chemicals. 

You can make dog life in your home easier in many ways.  First, consider non-scratch floorings such as tile, Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP), or a matte finish.  Washable rugs can be attractive, easy to clean, and will prevent scratches.  As an added benefit, the dog won’t slide, and its joints won’t wear out as quickly with softer, grip-able flooring.

Toys to keep your dog entertained are imperative. The new “squeak-less” toys, such as the “Trusty Pup Silent Squeak,” emit an ultrasonic frequency squeaky sound only your dog can hear.  For times when you are away, filling a special toy with peanut butter or kibble can pique the dog's interest for hours.  Two such toys are Kong toys, which the dog must work to reach the treat inside, and the Snuffle Mat, where you can hide kibble for hours of searching. 

Nothing is too good for our furry friends!

A new trend in luxury housing is an oversized laundry room geared towards your and your dog’s comfort. The pet-friendly laundry room features a dog wash with steps for the dog to climb, built-in dog cages, toy bins, and even pull-out beds. A Dutch door allows guests to visit the dogs without any unwanted jumping or stealing of food during your events.

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