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Keeping Your Pet's Mental Health in Check

With so many coveted physicians in East Cobb, finding quality care for any condition in your family has never been easier. The same is true for your family's furry counterparts. Providence Veterinary Clinic has provided routine and emergency care for the most lovable members of every family since 2021. 

Aspiring to leave a legacy like her father, a neurosurgeon, Dr. Welborn achieved her dreams when she graduated from Auburn University's College of Veterinary Medicine and opened her practice. Pets are vital members of every family. So, she equipped her clinic with quality care and revolutionary technologies like in-house diagnostics to provide immediate results and quick relief for sick pets and worried owners. 

Besides check-ups and illnesses, the most common reason for a vet visit is anxiety. Animals communicate their problems through changes in behavior, so mental illness can go unnoticed for years. To prevent this, Dr. Welborn urges owners to learn when these changes may signify anxiety and call an expert promptly. 

Unsurprisingly, the most common cause of anxiety in dogs is separation. Their pack mentality and love of company make for great human companions, but their need for attention can return to haunt them. Dogs with severe separation anxiety destroy their surroundings and sometimes even harm themselves when left alone, impacting their and their owner's quality of life. SSRIs like Prozac and consulting a trainer to determine the root of your dog's separation anxiety are common treatment options at Providence.

Feline friends are not as social as dogs, so identifying mental illness in cats can be more difficult. However, inappropriate urination is the most common symptom. 

Because the cause of anxiety in cats is so different from that of dogs, treatment varies as well. Providence has seen the most success using Multimodal Environment Modification, a program that creates safe spaces with numerous litter boxes and provides ample playtime opportunities. 

When worried about their pet's mental health, the best method any owner can take is to consult a professional. Veterinarians like Providence Veterinary Clinic have spent years studying and perfecting their approach to animal anxiety. They're prepared to walk beside you and your furry companions through thick and thin.


By decreasing our pet's anxiety, the relationship between us and them grows stronger.

-Dr. Taylour Welborn

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