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Philanthropy in Kids Fashion

Locally Owned Clothing Brand, Blaze Kids, Creates Community Impact With Style


Ever had a SUPER crazy idea that came through your mind and then quickly passed out the other side? Well, at first, that's all that Blaze Kids was to founder Tonie Sexaur.  But as an entrepreneur at heart, Tonie decided to figure out her crazy idea.  “I set my mind to learning about all things design, technical specifications, and manufacturing and before I even knew many of the answers, I was pitching the idea to my "board" - aka my husband and two kids!” said Tonie.  

Ultimately, Blaze Kids was born out of the desire to make stylish everyday kids clothing, while also creating an opportunity to make a huge impact, for their Eastside community and beyond.  Blaze Kids brings customers into the "fold" of the business by doing quarterly giving campaigns where customers can choose who to make a small donation to by what hits home with them.  “Looking around I see so many small needs from people right within our own community.  I so desperately want to just send money or do SOMETHING. But I want to give more sustainably than just emptying my own bank account,” said Tonie.  Thus, she decided to start doing mini giving campaigns on her social channels to allow people to nominate a family going through something hard, and customers could band together quickly (24 hour campaign) with either a purchase or small donation to give to that family.   “My love for business and seeing how it can impact so many lives is easily what inspired me to start Blaze Kids, and for that reason I hope to watch it grow exponentially!” said Tonie.

And it’s easy for customers to get involved when the clothes are so adorable.  “It was important to create something that was great quality, mix and matchable, and something that kids would actually like to wear!” said Tonie.  Currently she’s most excited about the vintage inspired denim line expected to release early spring 2023.  From cut off shorts to straight leg denim, that can be coupled with their whole stone and acid washed line - it’s truly style, comfort, and the perfect everyday items.


As Tonie is in the thick of growing Blaze Kids, Bellevue Lifestyle asked her to share her favorite entrepreneurial advice: “Journal it ALLLL out. There are always down days, where you really think "I might as well cut my losses and move on" - those are the days I would tell you to sit down, open your journal and write. Write out your fears, your doubts and then after ONE page of that, STOP. Turn the page and write out what you are THANKFUL for in your business. Where you have seen growth, look at where you started and write down all the things you know NOW that you didn’t know just a couple months ago.  I’m impatient... but when I sit down and journal, or even look back on old journal entries, I see that the place I am in right now is what I was LONGING for just a few months prior.”

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