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Learn the history behind Phoenix Printing Group

Since opening in 1876, Phoenix Printing Group has provided premiere printing services for individuals and businesses in the CSRA. In addition to this established business legacy, Phoenix Printing boasts a strong family legacy as well. For the last seventy years, the Hadden family has owned and operated the business. President Jeff Hadden took over for his father, John, in 1988 and now he is passing on the legacy to his son, John Wallace Hadden, and his daughter, Kaitlyn Hadden Adams.

For Kaitlyn and John Wallace, the family business has always been part of their lives. “Some of my first memories of coming to Phoenix include employees who still work here,” says Kaitlyn. “One of my earliest memories is when we were in the old building on Fenwick Street, right when you came into the building, there were offices on the left. One of the ladies in the office would mark my height on the doorframe each time I came to visit.”

That family-friendly atmosphere is a key element to the company’s success. “The business is somewhat of an extension of family,” says General Manager Trent Mercer. “When we hire somebody, we welcome them to the Phoenix family. We strive to maintain that small company feel where we have a strong bond with all the employees.”

Many of the employees are long-term and have been with the business for many years. “When we add up the years of experience in the printing business, we have well over nine hundred years of experience in the building,” shares Trent. “If a customer is looking for something to be done in a particular way, chances are someone in this building has seen it or done it. There is a lot of trust involved when someone hands us a special project and our customers can trust that they are going to get what they are expecting out of what they hand over to us.”

Because the Haddens have been intentional about staying up to date on design software and printing equipment, Phoenix Printing Group handles a vast variety of products. “We pretty much do anything you can think of print-wise: from business cards to books, envelopes, NCR forms, pads, and specialty items,” says John Wallace. “If you have an idea, we can bring it to life.” Specialty items include event invitations, business signs, t-shirts, pens, direct-mail pieces, and more.

The Phoenix Printing family appreciates keeping a close connection with the community through their work and community involvement. “I really enjoy seeing how much we do being a part of the Augusta community, working with both nonprofit and for-profit businesses on projects to help grow Augusta,” shares Kaitlyn. “We’re proud of the city that we're in and proud of this family legacy that we get to continue and pass on.”

Phoenix Printing is located at 601 Eleventh Street in Augusta.  For more information, call 706-722-5262 or visit www.phoenixprintinggroup.com. You can also find examples of their work on Facebook @phoenixprintingaugusta.

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