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Meet Fort Collins Lifestyle Photographer Natalie Dyer

Photographs are the universal language of our era. Everyone has hundreds, maybe thousands in their pocket. Photographers are the dedicated and passionate individuals who are willing to give their lives, too often quite literally, to show us what needs to be seen, what needs to be known.

A Colorado native & CSU alumni, Natalie is a portrait photography who uses our beautiful state to pull inspiration for her creativity.  Natalie graduated from Colorado State University with a music degree, changed her mind about her career path and jumped headfirst into starting her photography business.

"For me, photography started one summer at my grandmother's farmhouse. I snatched a camera and ran around taking photos of every farm animal, flower or person on the property. Since then, I've photographed all around the country, ranging from intimate events like vow renewals and family sessions to large-scale conferences, businesses and weddings." Natalie told us.

Natalie has an innate talent for finding the best locations. Her expertise allows the photo subject to walk away with photos with a perfect backdrop that fits the needs of each particular shoot. If there is hidden gem location in Northern Colorado for photoshoots, Natalie will find it. 

"My passion for photography grew because it became a way to showcase you and your passions. Whether it is your wedding day, your business, or your family, photography is such a selfless art. I love getting a glimpse into your authentic life and celebrating YOU through my photos. I emphasize natural light and candid moments, focusing on love, beautiful details and people. I'm lucky that all my clients end up feeling like friends! My clients value beautiful photography and make it a priority in their lives."

Natalie wants our readers to understand the power of  printing your photos. Computers fail, social media isn’t forever and if you don’t have a physical, printed photo of the moment, you could lose it forever.

Photos are memories and memories make up your life! So print your photos, hang them up in your house and cherish them forever

When she's behind my camera, you can find her teaching percussion to local high schoolers, eating at a local restaurant with her boyfriend, Nico and dog, Maya, and visiting local greenhouses to fuel her obsession for houseplants "my boyfriend complains I have too many, but is that even possible?" She asked. 

We are incredibly grateful to have Natalie serve as a photographer for Fort Collins Lifestyle Magazine. You may have also seen her work published in the Coloradoan and the Greeley Tribune 2016-2020. She's also served as Photo Editor for Rocky Mountain Student Media and the CSU Collegian in 2016, '17 and was published in Study Breaks magazine in 2016 and 17. 

Natalie is teaming up with CC’s Flower Truck to offer holiday mini sessions on October 25th. Learn more at and follower her on Instagram and Facebook at @nataliedyerphoto, you're sure to see some behind the scenes photos of our upcoming issues!