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A Gem in the Heart of Loveland

Dale Robertson Jewelers Brings Jewelry Excellence to Loveland

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Matthew J Capps Image Services

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

Our community is rich with skilled artisans, passionate business leaders and experienced vendors—Dale Robertson Jewelry has artfully combined all of those qualities into an unforgettable experience for friends and neighbors alike.

“Since opening the store in 2012,” Dale Robertson says, “Loveland has been very supportive and embraced our company.”

Whether refashioning heirloom pieces or crafting custom-made jewelry, the dependable expertise and exquisite selection at Dale Robertson Jewelry have earned them a reputation as one of the area's most valuable assets.

Each relationship has its own story to tell, so Dale Robertson Jewelers allows every customer to conceptualize their own piece—with plenty of helpful advice along the way. On this point, Dale offers insight and stresses an ability to accommodate. When it comes to celebrating the love of a lifetime, there’s simply nothing like a custom-made piece.

“More brides-to-be are opting for unusual stones and art deco rings—I’ve created engagement rings with sapphires and rubies,” he says. “While diamonds are a tradition, history has shown other gemstones can also be worn … remember, Princess Diana wore a sapphire surrounded with diamonds for her engagement ring. That same ring is now being worn by Prince William’s wife, Kate.”

Oval cut stones are also having a moment—these cuts are attractive because the stones appear larger next to a comparable round or square cut. “This size illusion makes a great choice for an everlasting investment.”

What about three-stone rings? Look no further than Meghan Markle for their renewed popularity. “The design possibilities here are endless,” Dale points out. “Diamond shapes and color can be any combination you like, making this a true classic option.”

Dale recounts moments he’s enjoyed serving not only his own family, but the community as well. “I've been blessed to make engagement and wedding rings for two of my daughters … I've made rings for family friends, their children and even their grandchildren.”

He’s also created masterful pieces that serve to strengthen family lineage and tradition. “I've created jewelry with the handwriting of a loved one who has passed. I've sized wedding rings once worn by parents or grandparents … duplicated jewelry worn by a grandmother … designed jewelry for widows and widowers to remember a spouse.”

Dale takes special pride in being a valuable part of new family beginnings. “I love helping clients design and select the ring to propose to the love of their life … I love helping someone select their very first piece of jewelry.”

On a limited schedule? Dale Robertson Jewelry has a brilliant answer: their free Custom Studio app provides a convenient platform to design custom pieces from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Browse thousands of designs, select from an expansive color palette, choose complementary accents such as fillers and halos. It’s not just for rings, either—the digital app also lets you design pendants, bracelets and earrings, too (plus optional engraving!). And with just one click, you can share the design with anyone.

Another time-saving option: schedule an appointment—simply email, call or use the app to lock in the best time for a store visit and consultation. Dale will take care of the rest. | 784 Loveland-Miamiville Rd., Loveland | 513.583.5900

Despite the myriad of endless jewelry combinations that have delighted and dazzled over the years, it’s no secret that a few designs truly stand out—and sometimes even reflect a little something about the wearer.

01 Round

Timeless, brilliant and always in style, the round cut is an excellent choice. Beauty, fire (the amount of light reflected by cuts) and versatility ensure it pairs well with whatever coordinating accents you choose. Sophisticated and traditional—perhaps just like its owner.

02 Princess

Bring on the sparkle: this one’s got a square cut at its top and four beveled sides beneath its surface. Contemporary, sleek and elegant, the princess cut is a relatively new option—a child of the 60s, in fact. Aside from modern sensibility, the princess cut presents an air of strength without sacrificing femininity.

03 Cushion

The cushion cut is currently on-trend thanks to celebrities like Sofia Vergara, and tones down the brilliance for a softer appearance. It’s also a look that harkens back to European royalty, reflecting a respect for tradition and the past.

04 Emerald

Rectangular and elongated, the emerald cut features linear and parallel chiseled cuts for a quietly confident look—worn by celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Beyoncé. Emerald cuts can also appear larger, sometimes making fingers appear slender; there’s also the vintage factor, and that’s a look that never goes out of style.

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