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Rylie Fuline Offers Tips to Ensuring a Successful Autumn Photoshoot

Article by Kristen Hampshire

Photography by Rylie Fuline Photography

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

You arrive at a festive fall site with three children in tow for an early-rise session to gather some amazing pictures you can display at home – and hopefully score a few for holiday cards. Places everyone! Wait, tie the shoelace that unfurled and distract the youngest child with a handful of Cheez-Its while you scurry to grab the lipstick left in the car. Now, the photographer encourages a pose, a natural smile and – nope. The kids are just not cooperating.

This is precisely why Rylie Fuline is passionate about her specialty as a legacy photographer who captures every milestone and grows along with her clients from one chapter to the next. “It’s the connection,” she relates, explaining that legacy photography involves working with a selection of clients as their dedicated documentarian. “For birthdays, graduations, weddings, celebrations and milestones, I’m always ready to give my clients my full attention and best service.”

Because of her personable touch and longevity with clients, family photoshoots can go more smoothly. “I get to know clients, and there is consistency so everyone feels comfortable,” Rylie says.

She started her business in 2014, and “this just took off,” she says, relating that she studied to be a teacher. “I decided to go this route instead.”

Rylie incorporates students into her business model with a Senior Ambassador Team of high schoolers from nearly every district in Stark County. A dozen girls represent her photography business – known as Team RFP, for Rylie Fuline Photography.

The team participates in monthly themed photoshoots to promote the RFP brand, and they get up to 15 free photoshoots, a yearbook headshot, cap and gown sessions and images to share on social media. 

During a Labor Day party, Rylie purchased 8-by-4 feet canvases for the girls to paint to mark their assigned parking spots at school. “Their goal is to spread the word about Rylie Fuline Photography and then post pictures,” she says, explaining how rewarding it is to capture their special year’s events.

Rylie’s energy is contagious, and she brings a self-described “hype” to every shoot that makes her subjects feel perfectly at home. She calls herself a “lovable chatterbox,” explaining why clients of all ages and stages open up to her freely. Her encouraging, comforting demeanor can make what would otherwise feel like an awkward moment a reason to laugh and celebrate.

Here, Rylie shares some pointers for prepping and making the most of a fall photoshoot.

A Matchy-Matchy Miss

“The most common misconception about dressing for photos is that you should all match,” Rylie says. “You want to coordinate, not match.”

If he wears a pattern like a plaid shirt, she should select a color from the pattern to wear as a solid. If the shoot includes several individuals, and some photos will highlight mother-daughter or father-son, for example, be sure those pairs are not both wearing patterns. Otherwise, the outcome is busy.

Be sure pattern elements are larger than a quarter coin. “Anything smaller creates a distraction and noise that looks like a blur,” Rylie says.

Falling for Color and Contrast

While many lean toward warm colors for fall, accent those tones with white or black to achieve contrast in the image, Rylie suggests. “That way, the colors aren’t all meshing together and you can see the difference in the patterns you choose,” she says.

For example, plaid shirts that incorporate red, orange and yellow can meld into a blur without a defined pattern. “It looks like one big color when it’s photographed,” Rylie says. “I would suggest red, black and white plaid, or red and white. Always look for a color that will stand out.”

Timing the Shoot

Set the alarm clock, or plan to delay dinner. “In the fall, you want to hit the golden hour for outdoor photoshoots, which changes as we move later into the season,” Rylie says. Sunrise and sunset are prime times. For photoshoots involving children, she advises a morning session, even if it’s tough to get going. By the end of the day, everyone is too worn out to be in front of the camera.

Rylie’s outdoor sunrise sessions are typically 6:30 to 7:30 a.m. “After that point, it’s harsh light, which makes for harsh shadows and squinty eyes.”

Let Rylie help you capture memories that will last a lifetime. Visit or call 330-806-6483 for more information.

“For birthdays, graduations, weddings, celebrations, milestones, I’m always ready to give my clients my full attention and best service.”

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