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Olivia rides and ATV in style

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Picture Perfect

Article by Stephanie Coultress O'Neill

Photography by Laura Morsman

Originally published in Austin Lifestyle

Picture Perfect

When I storyboarded styling the Van der Beek family for the August cover I wanted to complement the lush green landscape of their Hill Country ranch. I thought the flowy abstract floral-printed dress from Misa was perfect for Kimberly, a free-spirited ethereal woman, and it’s sublime for how sticky Austin can be in summertime. For James, I chose a casual linen Ted Baker suit in indigo blue that paired well with Kimberly’s dress and has a breathable fabric that’s also an excellent choice a Texas summer.  For the kids, I exercised restraint in color and frills and chose a neutral color palette that made them look like angels and weren’t restrictive as they climbed trees and rode on kid-size ATVs.

I brought a handful of accessories, from headbands for the children to necklaces for mom and each child chose their own additions, then little Gwyndolyn, 3 announced each person as they entered the room in their completed outfits. It was beautiful to see each of the Van Der Beeks add their own personality to the outfits. Being a mother myself, it brings me a lot of joy to see them expressing themselves and their individuality and enjoying the process.

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  • Olivia rides and ATV in style