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Alamo Electronics Amplifies State-of-the-Art Home Entertainment with Old-School Know-How

Article by Bill Furbee

Photography by Matthew J Capps Business Image Services

Originally published in Loveland Lifestyle

In 1953, televisions throughout the area were tuned in to programs like I Love Lucy, Dragnet and Howdy Doody. That same year, Alamo Electronics began helping local families dial in that entertainment.

“We’ve been here a long time,” says Tim May, Alamo’s Director of Service and Integration. “That’s because we have a great customer base, and we’ve always kept up with technology. For us, it’s about doing good business, and being honest with our clients.” Tim should know—he’s been with the company since 1983. “And we’re still growing!” he says, today.

Home entertainment has changed a lot in the decades since Alamo’s first clients called for help with their new black-and-white sets. “We’re all dependent on entertainment and tech in the house at this point,” Tim points out, noting that most homes today stream or download content, which, these days, can now also be displayed on everything from refrigerator door to handheld tablet.

“Think of the 1960s futuristic animated series The Jetsons—some of that stuff they imagined would exist in the future is here today!” he adds. “Everything is connected, and the pace of technological progression is getting faster and faster.”

Typical services offered by Alamo now include smart home technology like surveillance cameras, integrated systems that connect devices between rooms, new or upgraded lighting controls, motorized window controls, and virtually anything that’s electronic or wired.

Alamo also customizes and connects that latest tech (in addition to troubleshooting it, if problems arise) for everyone from local restaurants and bars to world-class healthcare facilities and medical offices—their bigger corporate projects include recent work for Procter & Gamble and Scripps. “Handling jobs on that level is great,” Tim says. “But we especially enjoy hooking families up with their dream entertainment systems.”

It’s a dedication to community, as much as a commitment to understanding the latest trends and technology.

“We’ve had to adapt and change, to stay relevant for the business that we’re in,” Tim says. “Home theaters, music systems connected throughout the house … everything we do is professionally designed, engineered and integrated to meet our clients’ needs.”

Of course, different projects require different timelines. For most of us, however, this is the perfect time to consider upgrading our homes.

“Electronics pricing is offset right now, to stimulate purchasing as we approach the holidays,” he advises. “It’s a great time to shop for electronics, and it’s a great time to schedule a consultation or call for help.”

There’s even a good chance Tim himself might pick up the phone. “We’re one of the few companies still answering the phone, available to talk to someone,” he says. “It’s important that we’re available to speak directly with clients.”

That attitude has made Alamo the region’s go-to for corporate and home entertainment and tech advice. And, it all goes back to helping those first customers learn about their newfangled television sets.

“We’ve served some of our clients for decades,” Tim says. “I’ve watched kids grow up, and now we’re helping those same kids with their own home entertainment! We’re definitely not in it for the short game—we’re in it for the long haul.”

AlamoElectronics.com | 9572 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati | 513.791.2300

Alamo Faves & Must-Haves

OLED (organic light-emitting diode) televisions
“Acoustic surface technology appears to be coming into play, with clearer pictures and better sound. OLED televisions are a premium offering, but they just makes sense.”

Television soundbars
“Speakers for traditional televisions fire sound either down or toward the back,” Tim points out. “That's why soundbars (which broadcast sound forward, toward viewers) are so popular—it’s kind of a no-brainer.”

“Smart” controllers
“We get a lot of calls from people who are confused about how to set up and operate their so-called ‘smart’ controllers,” he laughs. “We can do a lot of that programming to make life more simple.”

“Record players have become popular again,” Tim says. While cassettes and CDs offered convenience, he points out, “it never sounded as good as vinyl. So, a lot of people still want to hear that natural sound.”

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