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Piece of My Art

Inspiring Artists of All Ages

Article by Candice Berube and Jennifer Dorgan

Photography by Hannah Sarat

Originally published in Westfield City Lifestyle

If you drive down Union Ave, you’ll probably see the Piece of My Art sign on the second floor of Bismarck Place. I remember seeing that sign over 8 years ago. Intrigued, I called and signed my daughter up for painting classes. That was the first time I met owner, Jennifer Dorgan. Jen is largely self-taught and has been painting since she was a child. She became more serious in high school, and studied painting at Holyoke Community College. She has worked with world-renowned artists and most recently, Jen studied “en plein air,” the act of painting outdoors, in the White Mountains. Her work has been featured in shows across the state, and you can find a few of her pieces at The Log Cabin and The Delaney House. 

Piece of My Art was first opened in a small space on Main Street in 2004, conducting mainly painting & drawing classes from ages 7 to adult. She saw instant success with a large roster of students. In 2008, she moved to a larger studio on Elm St, and since 2011 she has been at her space in Bismarck Place. When asked, Jen shares, “I believe art is so necessary for all of our collective minds. It is an absolute must for growing children, and a stress relief outlet for adults, no matter their skill level. Everyone should feel their own art success regularly. It’s a really nice feeling to look at that painting or drawing on the wall and know that you did that!” 

Aside from weathering the pandemic, 2020 has seen some changes at the studio. Former student, and local art teacher, Kayla Reno, is the newest instructor to join the team. The studio now offers the Piece of My Art Kids and Teens program led by Kayla and Piece of My Art studio for adults led by Jennifer.  Now providing more art classes than ever, be sure to check out their site at

Pull quote: I learn a great deal from teaching, and my craft is continually honed through guiding other people’s art and creativity.

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