Pierce the Darkness

Fighting to Cure Childhood Blindness

“Our youngest son, Pierce, was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2020,” said Brad Delger. “My wife Jessica and I took Pierce to receive an MRI because he was losing his vision. We learned that a tumor had placed enough pressure against his optic nerve to damage it permanently. We were told Pierce could beat the cancer – but even so, he would never see again. There is no known cure for optic neuritis.

“We aren’t doctors or scientists, but we resolved to do everything in our power to help our boy see again. We reached out to Stanford University Medical School, which leads the world in optic neuropathy research, to see if anything could be done. They confirmed that there wasn’t. Years of expensive studies separated Pierce from his eyesight, and government funding is scarce.

“Our son passed away on Monday, November 1st, 2021. He was seven.

“It wasn’t until a few months ago that Jessica and I asked ourselves how we could honor Pierce’s legacy. While founding a non-profit to provide funding for childhood cancer research seemed appropriate, we discovered that several already exist and are doing great work. However, not a single foundation existed in support of a treatment for optic neuritis – a condition which often blinds glaucoma patients as well.

“Our greatest hope is that Pierce the Darkness will one day help to cure optic nerve damage. If our work means a single child can see their family members’ faces again, that would be enough.

“I welcome everyone to join us at our first annual gala, which we will hold at Forgotten Star Brewery in Fridley, MN on February 4th. The evening will feature silent auctions, guest speakers, delicious food and drink, and live music by The Question. All money raised will go directly to Stanford Medicine.”

Please reserve your seat or sponsor the gala at

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