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Pinnacle Eye Associates

Dr. Alfieri's Award Winning Team

Pinnacle Eye Associates, P.A & Dr. Alfieri’s Award-Winning Team

I believe everyone agrees that when we lose one of our senses it can be devastating. Vision is considered extremely important to protect us if one or more of our other senses might fail, so it is imperative to keep our vision as strong and healthy as possible. You will find Pinnacle Eye Associates, P.A. to be extremely capable of doing just that.

Dr. Carrie Alfieri, OD and CEO of the practice has been the most award-winning optometrist in the McKinney and Prosper area for several years now. She graduated with honors from Texas A&M for her undergraduate studies and then Magna Cum Laude from the University of Houston School of Optometry. She received her Diplomate from the American Board of Optometry in 2012 and is working on her OrthoKeratology Fellowship. She received her Glaucoma Specialist certification in September 2000. She has received numerous awards, is a published author of several optometry articles and podcasts, and is a well-known speaker in optometry. Upon meeting her you will find a very warm and caring individual with a welcoming smile, a good ear to listen to what your needs are, and a true talent to expertly care for all your eye health and vision needs.

Dr. Alfieri strives to make people better versions of themselves—that’s what inspires her. Whether it’s building her team on multiple levels or helping patients see and function optimally, she works hard to make Pinnacle Eye Associates just that—the Pinnacle.

Dr. Alfieri specializes in Myopia Management and OrthoKeratology to prevent the progression of myopia in children. In addition, to best support and protect your eye health, the team is skillfully trained on the most advanced optical technology and state-of-the-art equipment. As part of the innovation and superior technology offered, Pinnacle Eye Associates, P.A. offers Neurolens, a new specialty lens system that can help relieve the common eye strain that occurs from digital device overuse or “Digital Vision Syndrome.” Symptoms of Digital Vision Syndrome may include tired or dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, neck pain or stiffness, and light sensitivity. Neurolens alleviates this discomfort by fitting into a pair of glasses.

But, if contacts are more your style than framed lenses, Dr. Alfieri has developed a statewide reputation as an innovator in contact lenses and practice management. So, whatever your needs are for your eyes, the place to start is Pinnacle Eye Associates.

Dr. Carrie Alfieri, OD, of Pinnacle Eye Associates, P.A. has been practicing as an eye care specialist for 20 years in North Texas. Upon entering their beautiful offices at 1650 N. Lake Forest Drive, Suite 100, McKinney, you’ll always be met with a smile; plus you will not only be amazed at all of the awards she has won but also the fantastic display of frames from all the top brands. You will definitely be able to find just the right frame to suit your personality! Call their office at 972.369.1411 or check out for help with all your eye care needs.

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