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Pinnacle Restorations- Cleaning Your Environment

How Air Duct Cleaning from Pinnacle Restorations Will Improve Your Home and Our Community.

Pinnacle Restoration has made a habit out of seeing a need and filling it.  After a recent move, Guy Jones and Jordan Robinson noticed the amount of dust piling up on the surfaces in their new home.  The culprit…. unclean air ducts.

The air ducts inside your home can hide dust, pollen, and other pollutants.  The air in your home circulates five to seven times a day. As the air circulates, it gathers the pollutants in the ducts and carries them into your living spaces. The polluted air can coat your home in dust and cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. 

Besides making you feel better, clean ducts use less energy. The more clogged your HVAC system is, the harder it must work to circulate air and the more energy it uses.  A yearly air duct cleaning not only will improve your home environment, but it will minimize the energy needed to heat and cool your home!

"Your home is your castle. We aim to get your home as clean as possible with care and help you enjoy your space again." 

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