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3. Painted Wine Glass

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Bringing to you the love of all things crafty for the holidays!

DIY at Pinspiration

Article by Leza Mueller and Pinspiration

Photography by Pinspiration and Katherine Osman

Originally published in Gainesville City Lifestyle

Curious to know how Pinspiration works?

1. Choose Your DIY

Select a project from dozens of our current craft options including art, decor, gifts, and accessories. Each person in your group can select their own, unique craft.

2. Make a reservation or walk in.

Contact us for a reservation, or walk into our studio! Reservations are recommended but not required.

3. Have Fun!

No hassle, no mess, no excuses! We provide project kits, tutorials and all the supplies to allow you to personalize your project. Relax and enjoy some wine or a snack.

4. Take it Home

Go home with your completed, handmade craft, ready to be enjoyed in your home.

Please note: Craft availability may vary and popular projects can run out if not reserved in advance. Prices are all-inclusive, and we do not charge studio fees. Customize your project at our embellishments bar for free!

Open Tuesday through Sunday with additional times by reservation only. 

1. DIY Flower Holder $45

2. Round Tray Fall Edition $56

3. Painted Wine Glass $46

4. Acrylic Pouring $42 small, $56 large

5. Candle Making Experience $55

6. Splatter Date Package $109

Katherine Osman has called Gainesville her home for over 15 years. Pinspiration brings her love of all things crafty and her family together. And don't forget to stop by the studio and say Hi, to her daughter Rachel. 1132 NW 76th Blvd., Gainesville, FL 32606 352-792-6270

  • 3. Painted Wine Glass
  • 1. DIY Flower Holder
  • 2. Round Tray Fall Edition $56

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