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Pioneer Library System Offers Array of Virtual Resources

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The Pioneer Library System continues its support of readers throughout its three-county service area, even as the coronavirus pandemic keeps its grip on daily life.​

With most local residents forced to spend an extended amount of their time at home, they are getting a chance to experience the vast array of virtual resources offered by the library. ​

This begins with the downloadable platform OverDrive, through which thousands of titles across many genres are available. PLS cardholders also have access to two online resources, Hoopla and Kanopy, which offer many eBooks and downloadable music and video selections.​

The library has worked with these companies, as well as multiple others, to try to expand the presence of online reading and viewing materials during this time. A full listing of these options—as well as many other virtual opportunities—is regularly updated in a special section on the Pioneer web page.​

And the library has added to the experience by expanding its presence on social media through unique video clips, written presentations and other material produced by a variety of staff to be shared with readers in ways that are different from usual but hopefully still as effective. ​

PLS serves readers in Cleveland, McClain and Pottawatomie counties through these online services, with 12 branch libraries in 10 cities and Information Stations and Community Places in another eight communities. Within Cleveland County, PLS has three Norman locations, as well as libraries in Moore, Noble and Southwest Oklahoma City.​

Find out more about the services through the PLS website, or by downloading the PLS Connect App, available through either iTunes or the Google Play store.​