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Work with your existing landscaping when planning a pool.

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Plan The Pool of Your Dreams Now

Fall and winter can be best times to start planning your summer oasis

Article by Heide Brandes

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Originally published in OKC City Lifestyle

Another summer has come and gone without you having that dream pool built. Sadly, oftentimes we don't think about planning the perfect backyard pool until summer, when we really want to take a swim.

As the cooler weather moves in, taking this time to plan out and build a pool just makes sense. Not only will you have plenty of time to discuss with a builder how to make your dream pool happen, you'll have months to get ready for it.

"The fall and winter months are a great time to get your pool built. The weather can play a factor in our time frame, however, it's nice to have the yard torn up when you wouldn't really be using it anyway.," said Jami Baker of Aquascape Pools.

"When building in the fall and winter, you will get to the spring/summer with a fresh, new and beautiful backyard just waiting for you to enjoy for years to come."

Aquascape Pools at 2001 E. Britton Road helps homeowners create the pool of the dreams by The Aquascape Experience places a high priority on listening to the customer, ensuring their tastes are reflected throughout the design of the new pool.

The result is a final product with unmatched quality and functionality, uniquely rendered for you and your family.

Tips on how to plan for your new pool:

+ Temperature will determine how often you will use your pool. If you build a pool that's too big, you'll find it harder to heat the pool. In addition, many homes and new homes are built on smaller lots, so you'll want to find a design that fits naturally into your yard.

+ Find a designer like Aquascape Pools to design a pool so that it's an extension of your home. If you have a modern linear house, your pool should match. If you have a classical home design, use radius corners and pool shapes that are also classical.

+ Work with your landscaping and integrate the pool into the backyard. If your yard slopes or the view is blocked, ask about rasing the pool area for visibility. Stone walls that surround the property can also be incorporated into the pool design.

No matter what your property looks like, working with a pool designer is key to creating a swimming area of your dreams. With months of cooler weather ahead, it's also the perfect time to go through the ordeal of building the pool.

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  • Work with your existing landscaping when planning a pool.
  • Work with your designer to find a pool that meets your needs.