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Jonathan Dally and His Team Help Clients Protect What Matters Most to Them

Jonathan Dally’s passion in life was always football. After a full-ride scholarship to pursue Division 1 football in California, he played professionally for five seasons in Europe. While in Vienna ten years ago, Jonathan met his future-wife Laura and moved to Richmond after the season ended. After many triumphant seasons coaching college-level football in North Carolina, he decided to establish roots when he bought a home in the Richmond area, just south of Short Pump. It was only fitting that Jonathan continued coaching and found himself at Freeman High School for three seasons. He decided to become an independent insurance broker when the pandemic arrived in 2020, bringing uncertainty to the workforce. “I’ve put all of my energy into my relationships: with my wife, our three children, and those who allow me the opportunity to protect the ones they love most,” Jonathan says. “Since 2022, I've had my own agency, and I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect beginning to the next chapter of life.”

Although initially hesitant about his next chapter, Jonathan, now an advanced markets specialist, was inspired by the genuine relationships he built with clients and colleagues. He ultimately decided that being the best representative for families to create their legacy was the route he wanted to follow. "People don't know what they don't know," Jonathan explains. "There are a lot of financial professionals that put themselves before doing what's best for their clients." However, Jonathan expresses, "We value the people and their vision. If we can't show them how to guarantee that vision, nobody can—and we'll tell them." The Dally Group offers education for every client's needs, from simple term plans to detailed strategies. They help those who are retired, or planning to retire, by showing them various ways to protect their life savings from running out and, in numerous cases, massive growth. "We're not selling insurance," Jonathan says. "We're building clarity in a murky industry."

One of The Dally Group's biggest challenges is the need for inquiring minds in specific age groups. "The 20 and 30-year-olds don't make it a priority while it's still affordable, and the 60 and 70-year-olds feel like they're too late to the party," Jonathan explains. "Those in the middle will spend too much time thinking about it because, in this economy, they're forced to pinch pennies." He believes there is always time to open the conversation, and The Dally Group is more than happy to do the research for them. "I advise finding a trusted advisor and holding the conversation with an open mind and flexible expectations," Jonathan says. "The information is free, and you'll be surprised how easy it can be to solidify your legacy." To achieve this, Jonathan recommends always asking a friend or family member to who they consult their finances to find a trustworthy broker.

Jonathan enjoys solving his clients' puzzles to help solidify their financial futures. He recognizes it is not always about how much money a person can make; it is more about how much money they can NOT lose. His days revolve around enlightening families on leveraging life insurance to build wealth and secure their retirement with contractual guarantees. This information is the same information financial advisors withhold from sharing because they profit from their clients' money. "I'm hoping to change the conversation so my clients feel that I come from a place of concerned competence," Jonathan says. "Some of the best conversations we have are when we tell a client that we won't get them what they want because it's not ethical." With the clients' best options always in mind, The Dally Group’s mission is to explore and narrow down the best team for the job.

The Dally Group offers Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Term Life Insurance, Universal Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Retirement Protection, and SmartStart Insurance. To book an appointment with a trusted advisor, go to:

 "I came into the conversation with my guard up, ready to ‘close the door’ on the insurance guy.  I was surprised when the sales pressure left the room.  I got worked up for nothing, and Jonathan was a breath of fresh air.”- J. Ruiz

"If we can build lasting relationships on a foundation of integrity and transparency, everybody wins." - Jonathan Dally

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