Planning Together for the Future

Attorney seeks to serve clients and give back to local businesses

As a Lee’s Summit native, Tim Denker of the Denker Law Firm has dedicated his career to helping others make important decisions about their future. At the same time, he is also passionate about helping build the business community in Lee’s Summit.

“We are a law firm that has been built in Lee’s Summit by someone who grew up in Lee’s Summit and has focused on growth and giving back to Lee’s Summit,” Denker says.

Denker enjoys working directly with people while offering his expertise in business law, estate planning, wills and trusts. He had the opportunity to gain experience in these areas during law school and decided to focus his practice on these areas. He also knew he wanted to open his own law firm as opposed to working for a larger firm.

He says much of the work he does with clients is trust-based, and he builds trust with clients through genuinely caring about their situations.

This care can be illustrated through his work for a client who had been completely cut out of his wife’s will despite their good relationship. Some relatives had taken advantage of the wife’s Alzheimer’s disease and convinced her to leave everything to them instead. Denker was able to work though some of the mistakes in the estate planning documents to ensure his client had his home to live in through retirement. 

Denker is currently serving on the board of directors for the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce and served on the board of directors for Velocity Lee’s Summit in 2020. Serving with Velocity Lee’s Summit and providing support for local entrepreneurs during the pandemic year gave him the opportunity to oversee the distribution of CARES Act funding to approximately 70 local businesses that applied.

“I learned the necessity of businesses to be able to pivot and adapt to surrounding circumstances,” he says. “The people who are not struggling definitely need to do everything to support those that are so we can get through all those things together.”

Overall, Denker says he is passionate about improving Lee’s Summit and his service.

“As I continue to work with clients, it continues to help me improve who I am and what I do,” he says. “From a customer service standpoint, I try to go above and beyond what people would expect of me.”

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