Did Winter do a Number on Your Home's Exterior?

We Got Pro Tips From a Local Roofing and Siding Expert to Answer Your Questions

Article by Jacquie Mazziotta

Photography by ProCon Exteriors

Originally published in Canton Lifestyle

The arrival of spring brings April showers, tulips and a resurgence of outdoor life. For homeowners, spring is often the time to make repairs, updates and beautify outdoor living spaces. Whether preparing to pick up a paintbrush and adding a new hue of paint or investing in a large-scale project to add value to your home, thoughtful planning with a trusted contractor will help accomplish home projects with ease. 

Just a few months ago, supply chain issues were responsible for months-long delays in obtaining supplies and materials. But according to Henry Yoder of Kidron-based ProCon Exteriors, delays are no longer problematic and his team is getting ready to start on a broad scope of home construction services in our community.

This time of year, the turnaround for new projects is typically several weeks. As construction crews await milder weather to get outside and begin the physical work, Henry provides personalized customer attention with pre-project planning services. Once plans are final, supplies can be ordered and work will commence in tandem with their arrival. 

This season, indications of the recent harsh weather conditions are evidenced by the many requests for repairs related to water damage. 

“This past winter was very hard on roofs,” Henry explains. “We’ve received a lot of calls about ice and water damage and as a result, we are installing roofs — a lot of metal roofs.”

Metal roofing is a great option since it's durable, offers great wind resistance, and can save a lot on energy costs. Metal roofs come in multiple styles, designs and profiles to match nearly every structure’s aesthetics.

Freezing temperatures may be in the rearview mirror, but continued rainfall can be a potential hazard. Well-intended homeowners may have diligently prepared their homes, for example, clearing leaves and debris from gutters last fall, but sometimes even the best effort is not enough to prevent damage. This is the case for both residential and commercial buildings. 

In addition to mother nature, regular wear and tear on a home can also lead homeowners to make updates. 

“In older homes, gutters were fastened with nails and have a limited lifespan. Over time this leads to sagging gutters. Also, in many cases water can get behind them (gutters) or overflowing ice causes water to shoot over the top,” Henry says.

Once the source of the problem is detected, additional issues can be common. For example, gutter issues or missing roof tiles can cause leakage that can wreak havoc on roofs and even cause siding problems. Water is also often the culprit of unwanted air coming into homes. Other common issues can include improper ventilation and air leaks which can contribute to mold and condensation. This often comes full circle and can impact the lifespan of a roof.

“I am called to many houses that aren’t ventilated properly or have repair needs. Usually, ventilation can be solved with an easy fix. I talk with the homeowners about how their home should be properly vented, but each job is different,” Henry explains.

Upon noticing signs, acting sooner than later can help keep repairs manageable. If you notice any of these signs — a yellow or brown discoloration of walls or ceilings, the sound of dripping, dampness, drafts, mold and mildew — don’t delay. Call an experienced contractor, like ProCon Exteriors. Estimates are free and determining the damage soon can often keep costs lower than if you wait.

Henry suggests keeping curbside appeal in mind if you do need to make repairs. If changing the color of roof tiles, it may be good timing for a siding refresh. Customer preferences fluctuate, but the most popular siding choices for residential homes continue to remain white with black trim. Whether choosing vinyl or other material, consider durability and energy efficiency when making the final choice.

“[White with black trim] is the hottest trend and also plays into the farmhouse look often seen in upscale home projects,” Henry adds. “We’re also getting increased requests for vibrant colors of dark blue or dark red.”

While home improvements are big decisions and often a significant investment, collaborating with a trusted contractor can help minimize fears and costs.

“We don’t try to sell things to people they don’t need,” explains Henry. “If a customer is looking at replacing a deck or trying to determine if they need a new roof, we want to educate the customer and help them make a good decision for their home.”

ProCon Exteriors offers new construction, roofing, siding, decks, theater entrances, doors, windows and insulation, and turnkey projects throughout northeast Ohio. For more information, including valuable Pro Tips on subjects such as roof ventilation and storm damage, visit ProConExteriors.com or call 330.641.7198 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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