Planning Your Outdoor Garden This Spring


Article by Hayley Hyer

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You've been waiting all winter for the chance to start your garden, and now spring is finally here! Don't get overwhelmed in your excitement. Here is a roundup of articles from the gardening experts to help you plan your garden this spring.

Garden Workshop

"Before you sit down to pick plants and hardscape features for your garden, consider function. It’s easy to get caught up in what looks good and to forget about what works well."
—Carl Brady

Finding Artistic Expression in Planters

"With plants, I can add a pop of color or texture to take an ordinary space and add drama, serenity or even whimsy. I thrive on the instant gratification from the transformation of the planters and the added curb appeal."
—Julie Cruz

Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring

"Before putting your preferred plants in the ground, Aaron advises taking some time to get your garden ready so your flowers and plants will flourish. For gardens, he likes azaleas, astilbe, tulips, candytuft, and hostas, which are always popular."
—Sue Baldani

Patio Gardens

"The sun dictates everything. When thinking about a patio garden, first figure out if it has an eastern or western exposure in order to calculate how much sun it gets."
—Matthew Klyn

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