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Planting Roots in Roswell

In the heart of Roswell, amidst the gentle rustle of petals and the sweet scent of blossoms, resides locally owned floral shop Stems on the Move. Behind the lens of the business are “Chief Flornancial Officer” Nicholas and creative visionary Paul Riner, who grew his part-time passion into a full-time business.

With a background in musical theater, Paul’s journey to becoming a florist began when he lived in NYC. What started as a humble side hustle teaching floral arrangement classes while being fully immersed in the world of Broadway, quickly turned into a new passion.

Eventually, he grew tired of the bright lights and long hours of Broadway. When asked about his transition from Broadway to florist, he jokes that “I decided to give up the long hours and weekends on Broadway to spend long hours and weekends designing floral arrangements instead.”

With 15 years of collected experience and stints at iconic establishments like the Gramercy Park flower shop, the epitome of floral heritage, and BANCHET Flowers, arguably the height of NYC fashion; Paul has served clients ranging from local brides to luxury and celebrity clientele. He gives this exposure credit for his ability to understand the needs of pretty much everyone from a floral point of view.

His artistic philosophy? Do more with less.

With a penchant for creating arrangements that evoke a sense of openness and whimsy, he breathes life into every bouquet with his signature style.

Whether it's the delicate scents of spring or the robust textures of summer and fall, his creations are a testament to the beauty of simplicity.

When he and his family transitioned to Atlanta from NYC, he tapped into those around him to grow the business. Shedding light on the power of community and the influence of social media, local schools such as Sweet Apple Elementary, RHS, Roswell CDA, Sunny and Ranney, and Atlanta Angels; all have helped cultivate a brand that resonates with modern consumers.

“I do not think I could do it without the kind people who share my business with others,” says Paul delightfully.

Paul's expertise in the science of plants and the nuances of color and texture is what helps set him apart in a crowded field.

Behind the lens of the business are “Chief Flornancial Officer” Nicholas and creative visionary Paul Riner.

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