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Platzke Real Estate Group

#1 Coldwell Banker Team in Minnesota

In 2023, Helgeson Platzke Real Estate Group closed 423 transactions for a total of $247 million in sales. Consider that a point of town pride: an Eden Prairie real estate agency surpassing the gross national product of two sovereign nations.

Granted, Tuvalu and Nauru aren’t exactly economic juggernauts. Even so, Micronesia had better watch its back, because Ryan Platzke and his team are just getting started. Their goal for 2024? Five hundred transactions.

“I began my real estate career in 2002, and joined Brace Helgeson as one of his four buyers agents (including Josie Patterson, who is still on our team) a couple of years afterward,” said Ryan. “I caught Brace’s attention because I had developed one of the internet’s earliest systems for generating leads, which was producing more than I could possibly handle on my own at the time. It’s a field in which I’m still innovating to this day, and which continues to propel our agency ahead of our competitors. I also helped build our REO division during the foreclosure boom of 2007. Alongside the tireless efforts of my team members, that secured our powerhouse status by the time Brace and I became partners in 2011.

“As of January 1st, 2024, Brace has passed the torch. I am honored to say we are officially doing business as Platzke Real Estate Group. We’re incredibly grateful to still call Brace our team member, and for all of his hard work helping us become Coldwell Banker’s top home-selling team for nine years running. It’s a distinction we also couldn’t have achieved without the patronage of the city we’re so proud to serve. Thank you, Eden Prairie, for making us number one!”

Platzke Real Estate Group will continue doing everything that has already made them a market leader. Platinum star customer service, which includes assistance with staging and presenting properties so they receive optimal exposure and close for higher prices. Maintaining a vast network of buyers with over 42,000 email subscribers, which frequently preempts the need to formally list properties at all. Investing more into marketing than 99 percent of all other agencies in Minnesota (or “swinging a big marketing bat,” as Ryan puts it). Platzke Real Estate Group will also continue to monopolize all of Eden Prairie’s zip codes on Zillow: the leading website for online real estate searches.

“I recently became Zillow’s newest (and currently their only) Agent Advisory Board member in the state of Minnesota – one of just 28 members nationwide,” said Ryan. “It’s an honor to provide my insight and industry expertise to Zillow. I look forward to helping as we keep growing Zillow’s presence in the Midwest real estate market for many years to come.

“I can’t overemphasize just how finely we’ve honed our customer service over the decades. You can never become complacent in such a fast-paced industry, which is why I’m redoubling our efforts to go above and beyond for our clients. I call it the Platzke Promise

Listen. Deliver. Be caring, transparent and accurate.
Strive for unrivaled excellence, with gilded results.
Redefine real estate from contract to close.

“The Platzke Promise means putting the client first in everything we do. We’re giving the best versions of ourselves – always doing the right thing, even when it goes well past the traditional duties of a real estate agent. We’re going to exceed standards our clients didn’t even know they have for their agents.”

If you would like to buy or sell a home in Eden Prairie, then you can do no better than to engage the Platzke Real Estate Group. You may learn more at, or contact Ryan directly at or (952) 942-7777.

  • Ryan Platzke